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12 Volt Heater - Keep Warm, Save Money

12 Volt Heater - Keep Warm, Save Money

One of the biggest advantages of 12 volt appliances is that they make life easier for people on the move. A 12 volt heater is a great boon for campers, motor homes, hot food carts, catering, and so on. When the weather is cold and staying warm while driving is paramount, a portable heater is the solution.

Standard Features of High-efficiency 12V Heaters

The 12V cab heaters are built to plug into the car cigarette lighter socket. The standard features of these high-efficiency cab heaters include:

• Superior heating

• Multi-speed fan control switch with dash-mount bracket

• Windshield defrost capacity

• Rotating base to direct heat where needed

• Compact design and rigid casing, usually steel

• Heavy-duty, long life motor

• Mounting studs and water hose connections

• Dual function switch for heat or fan

• Foldable handle to defrost windows (outside and inside)

• Operates only when car engine is running

• Power cord to provide warmth to passengers in the back seat

Turn up the Heat or Get Cool Instantly

A 12V car heater heats up as soon as it is switched on. It works on the car battery and is compact enough to fit unobtrusively in the interior of the vehicle. All you have to do is plug the heater into the socket, put the heater on the dashboard and turn the engine on. Your windows will defrost or defog in no time. Some models include a fan with a swivel stand and adjustable speed along with the heater to ensure comfort in all seasons. They can also switch from heat to air easily.

Buying a 12Volt Heater

These heaters are undoubtedly an inexpensive way to keep warm when you are out driving during the long, cold winter months. When buying one, go for a model that has a reliable reputation and remains cool on the outside of the unit. Online stores stock well-known brands of 12 volt heaters like Maradyne, Roadpro, Koolatron, Power Hunt, Tracker and Rally. When using 12V power, always take the battery into consideration. Efficient devices have battery guards that suspend power to all 12V items when the battery level is low.


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