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6 of the Best Summer Toys. Let's Get Out and Play!

6 of the Best Summer Toys. Let's Get Out and Play!

Looking for a way to get your kids out of the house and have fun? Check out the latest in summer toys. Learn which toys are best. Some are tried and true brands, with a couple new guys thrown into the mix. Let's get out and play!

1. Razor RipRider 360 Degree Caster Trike

It goes fast and the kids can do "doughnuts" on it. What more is there to say?

2. Nerf Big Bad Bow

Nerf always comes through. Not too expensive; not too complicated; plenty of action. This toy looks like a crossbow and comes with three soft, foam arrows.

3. Flip N Flyer

This toy looks like a Frisbee on a string. It's technically a gyroscopic flying disc.'s cheap and the kids loved it.

4. SpinMaster Air Hogs Wind Chaser Remote Control Stunt Kite

The stunt kite is for kids 8-years-old and up. The toy promises that you can do "super spirals, loops, and dives." With a little practice and the right wind conditions, you can do just that. Kids thought this toy was fun and enjoyed seeing what tricks they could make the Stunt Kite do.

5. Nerf-N-Force Sword

This is a great way for kids to let off some of their energy in a safe way. The Nerf sword is realistic looking but is completely safe. Boys, especially, love this toy.

6. Marshmallow Fun Marshmallow Archery Set

Do you have a child that is interested in archery but you've been afraid someone would get hurt? Give this toy a try! This is a bow that can shoot up to 30 feet and it only shoots marshmallows so no one can get hurt.

Before you spend money on those cool summer toys to entice your kids to play outside check out the stuff that's already "kid approved" in this article and ask around. The best experts you can find are other kids. Check to see what they like and don't like before you buy.


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