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6 Tips for Buying a Child's Car Seat

6 Tips for Buying a Child's Car Seat

Unfortunately, children's car seats are not tailor made. It would be great if they were! When buying a car seat for a child, there are many factors to consider, like the size and make of the vehicle, how the seat is to be used and the size of the child.

1. Weight - All car seats are categorized in to groups from 0 to 3 according to weight and age. The ages are only approximations and the msot imprtant factor to consider is the weight and height of the child. Generally, for a forward facing car seat, the child's ears should be 1 inch lower than the top of the headrest.

2. Installation - Make sue the seat is installed properly. Up to 80% of all car seats are not fitted correctly and this is the greatest danger to your child. An incrrectly installed car seat does not perform nearly as well as a corrctly installed car seat. Some fittings are easier to install than others. See below for ISOFIX fittings

3. Size - Not all car seats are suitable for all cars. It is good practice to try and install the seat before you purchase it. Most good retailers will allow you to do this. If they don't, make sure you keep the receipt. ISOFIX car seats are a simple solution to this problem. ISOFIX is a standard international system for child car seats. The system was started in 2002, so if you have an old car you may not be able to use one. Booster ISOFIX seats are among the safest on the market today. Booster ISOFIX seats are easy to install and use.

4. Second hand -Car seats It is not recommended, under any circumstances, to buy second hand car seat. Even from a trusted source as some minor damage can go unnoticed.

5. Length of use - Some car seats cover multiple size groups and these can be a good investment since they can be used for longer. Very young babies should be kept in rear-facing seats for as long as possible. This is the safest position for an infant to travel in. Don't be tempted to use the wrong sized car seat. This can be extremely dangerous if the car is involved in an accident.

6. Safety - Quite possibly the number one factor to consider. All car seats should be made to strict standards which involve rigorous testing before the seat is put on the market. Your choice of car seat should conform to the United Nations regulation ECE R44/04. ISOFIX seats use a system which reduces the danger of fitting the seat incorrectly. They are very easy to fit and have a range of other safety features which make them the best choice for today's market.


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