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7 Tips For Buying Proper Fitting Shoes

7 Tips For Buying Proper Fitting ShoesProper fitting shoes don't hurt your feet or cause permanent and painful damage to your feet. Learn how to buy the right shoes for your feet and still be a fashion star!

Shocking shoe facts

Did you know that 90% of all women wear shoes that are too narrow for their feet? Did you know that 80% of them reported foot pain from these ill-fitting shoes? It's true. Women love shoes and are determined to wear the ones they think look great at the risk of causing permanent damage to their feet.

What permanent damage you ask? How about foot deformity in the shape of bunions, hammer toes, pinched nerves, heel pain, calluses, and ingrown toenails. Quite a list. can you avoid these injuries and still look great? Check out these 7 tips.

1. Shop for shoes at the end of the day

Your feet are actually larger at the end of the day due to swelling. No woman wants to buy a shoe that's larger than necessary, but your feet may be this size for the last several hours that you are on your feet and in those uncomfortable shoes.

2. Shop for the largest foot

Two-thirds of all people have one foot that is larger than the other one. It's fun to buy the smaller sized shoe, but your "larger" foot won't be happy.

3. Use the "rule of thumb"

How do you know if your shoe is big enough? There should be a thumb's width between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

4. No "breaking in" period

Your new shoes shouldn't require a "breaking in" period; they should be comfortable from the minute you put them on the first time.

5. Sales people are paid to "sell"

Sales people aren't bad, they're just doing their job. However, you need to keep in mind; they are either an hourly paid person or someone working on commission. They are not "shoe fitting experts." Take their suggestions with a grain of salt.

6. Buy the shoe that fits

Shoe sizes change from one brand to the next. Just because you wear a 6 in one brand doesn't mean that's what you need in all brands. Try on different sizes to see which one is most comfortable.

7. High heels = special occasions

High, sassy heels aren't off limits -- just limited. Try to wear reasonable heel heights on a daily basis (2 inches or less) and save those stilettos for a special night out. And when you wear heels over 2 inches, try not to wear them for more than three hours.

Follow these tips for buying proper fitting shoes and prevent painful damage to your feet. And want to look great in your shoes, but you also want your feet to be happy and appealing when you take them off!


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    MTan 27th of Jun, 2012

    Great. My shoes are wrong. Only slippers then.

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