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7 Tips for Making Money with Garage Sales

7 Tips for Making Money with Garage Sales

Whether you choose to have a garage sale to clear out clutter, or you need to make some extra money, you'll have no problems when you follow these 7 easy garage sale tips. Use these tips for ideas to draw a crowd, organize, advertise, and price your treasures.

Tip 1 Plan ahead

Check your city ordinances to see if you need to have a license. While you're there, check to see if they have a list of rules that you will be required to follow.

Tip 2 Check your calendar

Check your city's calendar and see if there are any events coming up that you can plan your garage sale around. Other events in the area mean more people, which mean more shoppers. A neighborhood swim meet? A Boy Scout gathering? A holiday? Check around and see what else is going on in your area so you can capitalize on the traffic.

If you find any dates with other activities in your area, try to schedule your sale then. Check to make sure you and anyone helping you with the garage sale will be free that weekend.

Don't forget to check your schedule the week before. Organization for a garage sale takes time before the actual sale; make sure you have plenty.

Tip 3 Sell items that are appealing

When you prepare for a garage sale, it's fine to go through your house and take out everything you would like to get rid of. Just keep in mind that many people may not be interested. Look at your garage sale items objectively and ask yourself if others would be interested in buying them.

Choose a wide selection of items to sell. It you have a large amount of baby items and want to advertise your sale as a "baby sale," that's fine. But for the general sale, choose items that will appeal to men, women, teens, and children.

Tip 4 Price to sell

Don't price items with sentimental value too high. They have value to you, but will they to other people? Pricing a sentimental object too high is a good sign that you aren't ready to part with it.

Tip 5 Make sure your items are safe

Don't sell used baby cribs made before 1999. It's also a good idea not to sell car seats or any questionable baby toys.

Tip 6 Advertise

Make garage sale signs that attract attention. Print your signs neatly with a black marker on brightly colored poster board. Hang these signs in high-traffic areas. Be sure you have all of the important information on the signs:

-- Dates
-- Times
-- Address
-- Special items for sale

Tip 7  Salesmanship

Be prepared for the garage sale and expect it to be a long, tiring day. Keep this in mind and be prepared to be friendly, don't pressure people into buying, be willing to haggle with customers, and be sure to have plenty of change on hand.

Use these 7 garage sale tips, allow plenty of time to prepare, relax, and be ready to rake in money from your garage sale.


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