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A Double Whammy for You

A Double Whammy for You

You have just come out of a restaurant after a leisurely dinner. As you walk to your car you are horrified to see the car window smashed. What should you do? Immediately look to see if your garage door opener has been stolen. If so, call the police without hesitation.

What’s the rush? The damage is already done. Not true. The real damage is still to come. Police are receiving numerous reports of criminals breaking vehicle windows, stealing the garage door opener, getting your address off your car registration --- then heading straight for your house by using a GPS system.

The thieves saw you go into the restaurant, so they know they probably would have time to get to your house and steal your valuables.

In addition to taking your tangible valuables they can also find information at your house that will enable them to steal your identity. A double whammy for you.

What can you do to protect yourself? Keep your garage door opener out of sight; don’t clip it to a sun visor. Thieves are looking for people getting out of their cars to go into such places as restaurants and movie theaters. They also hang around trailhead parking areas. Once you leave the car, they look through your window for your garage door opener. If they see it, you are now a prime target for the thieves.

You may be thinking like I did --- “No one will break my car window with people close by.” The facts have proven me wrong. The thieves move quickly after smashing a car window to get the garage door opener and registration and leave for the owner’s house. A stolen license plate on their escape vehicle helps protect their identity.


  • El
    elabz 4th of Nov, 2010

    That's why I keep the door from the garage to the house locked when I'm away. If they get my garage door opener, they'll enter an empty garage.

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