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A Shopping Guide for Baby Furniture Changing Tables

A Shopping Guide for Baby Furniture Changing Tables

In addition to a crib, the changing table is probably the most used piece of furniture in a nursery. In the first year and a half, new parents will change thousands of diapers. A changing table is useful in various ways. It relieves the stress on your back by not having to bend over a crib. It saves wear on bedding items (e.g., bedspreads, blankets, etc.) and it serves as a furnishing piece to store the supplies of your baby changing items.

To assist you, here is a guide for those thinking of buying baby this furniture item. There are many types and varieties of changing tables and there is one for every budget. There are the portable or folding types which are light and can be moved around quite easily.

There are those with the open design featuring shelves below to keep all your baby's essentials close and convenient. Then there is the combo dresser/changer or crib/changer for nurseries that have limited space. First, it is important to realize that changing tables are usually made of solid wood such as oak or pine. Care should be taken if purchasing one made of hard plastic or particle board.

These materials are not as robust as wood furniture. Another key point to consider is the lifetime of the furniture item. The good thing about them is that after they have out-grown their function, they can be used as dressers or other unique furniture pieces for the rest of the home. Hence, style may play a larger role in your selection. Furthermore, there are some accessories that you should pay close attention to when considering the purchase of a changing table. For the baby's safety, all changing tables should be equipped with guard rails.

A new-born, probably lay motionless as he or she is a little; however, as children mature, they can be a bit restless. Safety straps are another item that should accompany a table. A guard rail and/or safety straps will ensure that your child does not roll and fall off. Finally, as for baby's comfort, consider a thick (1 inch or more) changing pad so that your child will be comfy during changing. The changing pad should also be one that can be easily cleaned - with mild soap and water. In conclusion, the many designs incorporated into changing tables can add beauty – not just to the nursery but to the home as well.

Your health considerations such as eliminating back pain and your baby’s comfort are also important considerations as are safety features. Changing tables can serve many applications, while providing the main purpose of a changing table for your children while they are changed. All these considerations should be used as a guide for your purchase.


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