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Can You Find on Bargain on Holiday Flights?

Can You Find on Bargain on Holiday Flights?Anyone who has perused the internet looking for discount airline tickets might be disappointed to realize that it would take a sudden windfall to get the family to Grandma's this year. Most airlines are still working to recover from the outrageous gas prices and the prices for tickets are still running high, despite the reason falling of gas prices.

However, with a little persistence and some flexibility, you too can score some great deals on flights.

Here's how:

Fast-Forward Christmas

Of course, the world celebrates Christmas on December 25th but no one says your family can't do it a week earlier that the rest of the world. The point is togetherness and celebration. Does it really matter if you are drinking eggnog on the day before the week before Christmas? No! Check out flights for the week before Christmas or even the week after New Year's. It doesn't matter when the gifts are opened but it will matter if the plan tickets and the stress of planning completely wipe you out both mentally and financially.

Use An Online Fare Watcher

There are plenty of competing websites, such as that will look all around the web to find the flight you want without you sitting at the keyboard for hours. You can check comparison flights from several popular websites and decide which is the best deal and the best time for you to purchase tickets.

Fly Standby

This is probably not the option for an entire family traveling together but it may work for individuals or couples who are more flexible with time. You might know someone who works for the airline who can give you a standby pass, which will require you to wait at the flight gates to see if you can get on the plane that still has seats available. It is not impossible as it sounds but you should make preparations in the event you can not catch a flight out for the holidays.

Opt for the Open Road

Depending on the travel time it takes to reach your destination, you may want to reconsider flying and drive instead. Larger families can combine efforts and rent a large vehicle such as a Winnebago to travel in style. They can share gas and food money and make the best of time together. Stop off in different places to add family to the trip and celebrate the family reunion all the way to your destination. It might be even cheaper to hit the road than the skies but it will require patience and flexibility.


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