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Choosing Exercise DVDs

Choosing Exercise DVDs

If you're anything like me, you have a pile of exercise DVDs on your shelf. Some of them you may have used for a while, some you may use religiously, and some you may never have opened. Why is it so hard to predict what makes the best exercise DVDs?

It's probably because they all look the same on the outside -- but what you get once you pop it into the DVD player is a totally different story. With that in mind, here are some of the best exercise DVDs on the market.

1. Best dance exercise DVDs

Dance exercise DVDs have skyrocketed in popularity. They're a great way to learn something new while getting fit, and they're a lot more interesting than traditional exercises. A few of the best include:

-For bellydance or bollywood: anything by the famous 'belly twins,' Neena and Veena

-For cardio: Tracey Anderson, Madonna's personal trainer, does a fantastic job of carefully and thoroughly instructing you in high intensity cardio dance routines.

-For Latin and salsa: Salsa.... Solo! By Yesenia Adame is a fun, easy to follow beginner's routine for Latin and salsa dancing.

-All around: Both 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Dancing With the Stars' produce reliably good, easy to follow dance exercise DVDs.

2. Best aerobic exercise DVDs

For traditionalists, aerobics are still the best and easiest exercise program. With that in mind, these DVDs are the top exercise DVDs out there.

-For total beginners and the uncoordinated: Any of the 'For Dummies' series, especially the aerobic workout DVD, provide simple, easy to follow breakdowns and instructions for all levels

-For advanced training: Denise Austin remains an icon in the fitness world, and her aerobic exercise DVDs demonstrate why.

-For people with joint trouble: Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Circuit, or any aerobic workout with 'low impact' in the title, provides a challenging, intensive, but joint-friendly workout.

3. Best for mixing it up

If you get bored of exercises DVDs repeat over and over again, try these choices for a bit of spice and variety:

-Caribbean workout: You've probably seen this show on TV. If you haven't, the box set provides a wide selection of 15 minute workouts, encompassing everything from yoga to martial arts.

-It's not a DVD, but the Wii Fit offers a huge variety of exercises and activities for any fitness level.

Check out some of these exercise DVDs and you'll bring a whole new level to your workout!


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