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Choosing the Right Water Filter for Your Home

Choosing the Right Water Filter for Your Home

Concerned about the quality of your families' drinking water? Consider purchasing a water filter. Before you buy, follow these tips to be sure you're buying the right filter for your family.

Choosing a water filter

Before you start researching for the best water filter for your family, make sure you really need one. Do this two ways. First, check your CCR report. This is the Consumer Confidence Report that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires all water systems to provide to their customers each and every year. This report is usually placed in your local paper.

The second method of discovering what is in your drinking water is doing a home test. For $18, you can purchase the Watersafe All-in-one Drinking Water Test Kit and get fast results.

If you determine you definitely need a water filter, you have several choices.

Carafe filters

If you don't need to filter large quantities of water -- only your drinking and cooking water, this is a good choice. These carafes contain replaceable filters, are inexpensive and easy to use. You may want to try one of these before you commit to a whole house water filter.

Faucet filters

Easily installed, these water filters fit on your kitchen faucet and filter all the water coming into your kitchen sink. The downside is they slow the water flow down and don't fit all faucets.

Countertop filters

If you don't want to fool with slow water, clogged filters, or modifying your kitchen plumbing, think about a countertop model. With this model, filter large quantities of water but you do have the clutter of the model sitting on your countertop and may not like the look.

Undersink filters

These filters are a good choice for filtering large amounts of water without modifying your plumbing. They won't clutter your countertop but take up valuable space underneath your sink.

Whole-house filters

This is a heavy-duty water filter system that removes rust, sediment, and chlorine from your home's water supply. They are relatively inexpensive at $35 to $80 but require a professional plumber to install.

Before you choose which filter is right for your family, think about the size of your family, how much water you need to filter, and the cost of replacement filters before you decide which water filter you need.


  • Al
    Allenrb52 2nd of May, 2012

    I live in UK and run a plumbing website and whilst water filters seem "big" in US in the UK we very rarely see them. Is that because our water is already great to drink? - Not! So I guess it's that us Brits are happy to put up with below "best quality" as with most things!

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