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Consider DIY Dishwasher Repair before Buying a New One

Consider DIY Dishwasher Repair before Buying a New One

Before you take the plunge and fork out money for a new dishwasher, give DIY dishwasher repair a try. Extend the life of your dishwasher and save loads of money.

DIY dishwasher repair

It's always fun to buy new kitchen appliances. After all, a lot of time is spent with them and they make kitchens look so much better. But when money is a little tight, it's hard to come up with extra cash for that shiny new appliance. Before giving up on that old dishwasher and get carried away with visions of how your new dishwasher will look in your kitchen, try repairing the dishwasher yourself.

Dishwasher repairs aren't difficult and the average homeowner can fix most common problems without any special tools or knowledge. Check the list below to see if one of these fixes works for your dishwasher.

Dishwasher won't latch or start

Both of these problems are due to a worn out dishwasher door latch. Repair isn't difficult. Simply, get the model and serial number of the dishwasher and order the part from the manufacturer.

Once you have the part, use basic tools to replace the latch. A new dishwasher door latch will cost you about $25. If a professional repairman replaces it for you, it will cost around $100. Either way it's much cheaper than a new dishwasher.

Dirty dishes

When you repeatedly unload your dishwasher only to find dirty dishes, it's aggravating. This problem is most likely caused by clogging of water-inlet valve or a dirty inlet screen.

Look in the owner's manual or look one up online, and find out where these two parts are located and clean them. These parts probably won't even need replacement but if they do, the cost is around $35. Professional repair -- around $100.

Dish racks won't roll

This problem means that the rollers (or wheels) on your racks are probably worn out or broken. Simply replace them, and they only cost $5 to $10. Professional repair to replace these rollers will be around $80.

These three problems are the most common complaints and reasons why homeowners buy new dishwashers. They are simple and inexpensive to repair. If one of these problems is the reason you are considering buying a new dishwasher, give DIY dishwasher repair a chance and save some serious money.


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