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Corner Sofas - Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

Corner Sofas - Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

Family rooms are an important living space that offers a relaxing and secure atmosphere. Having the right type of sofa to comfortably seat your family and guests is one of the most important features.

The appeal to corner sofas is that they are made to fit comfortably in small spaces. Corner sofas can face in virtually any direction, while preventing a room from looking overstuffed with furniture. Better yet, corner sofas can seat a lot of people, while having the option to lie down.

Sofa beds are another great option for people who are tight on space, but want the convenience of having guest beds. Sofa beds have the look and comfort of traditional sofas, but can easily convert into a comfortable and practical bed. Ideal for family rooms, studies and spare bedrooms, a sofa bed makes it possible to purchase a quality sofa and bed in one.

One of the great debates when determining which type of sofa is best is deciding on a fabric or leather sofa. Leather sofas are often a popular choice, especially because of their unique designs. When purchasing a leather sofa, there are no two that will be the same. The markings differ from piece to piece, as well as the colours and dyes. Leather is also easy to clean and stands up well to frequent use.

Leather sofas are often purchased for contemporary and modern décor, especially because of the sleek design that leather provides. However, different features, such as button backs, give leather sofas a more traditional feel.

Fabric is also easy to clean and is well known for its durability. While fabric may not be quite as sleek and modern looking as leather, it comes in a wide variety of colours and styles. Fabric is ideal for families that have pets and children, as its strength and design stands up well to wear and tear.

It is also important to determine which type of cushioning is best for your corner sofa, as cushions affect the look and feel of sofas. Foam filled cushions are well known for their firm and supportive appearance. Foam filled cushions need to be turned on occasion in order to maintain this look. Over time, these cushions will loose some of their volume, but overall are great choices for durability and low maintenance.

Feather - filled cushions on the other hand, require more maintenance. Because of their soft and relaxed structure, feather-filled cushions need to be plumped up on a daily basis. Many people enjoy these cushions, as they are some of the softest and most comfortable on the market.

Fibre cushions have a soft look and feel and are quite commonly used in corner sofas. The advantage to fibre cushions is that they are made with the durable foam cushion and covered in a fibre wrap. These cushions also hold up well to daily use and need occasional turning for maintenance.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, you will need to determine which size sofa bed or corner sofa is right for you. Consider the size of the room to see which type of furniture will complement the room. Also take into account the height of ceilings, flooring and decor.


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