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Cut Costs by Cutting off Cable TV

Cut Costs by Cutting off Cable TV

Love cable TV but hate the expense? You're not alone. If you're tired of paying high costs in an attempt to find something to watch when you veg out after a hard day's work, try a few of these alternatives to cable.

Give digital a try

With a one-time charge of $50, you can get a digital converter box and pick up all the basic network channels. You'll be able to get NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and CW -- plenty to watch and no monthly fee.

Public library

A free library card can get you access to sometimes hundreds of DVDs. Even libraries in small towns have their shelves stocked with everything from educational DVDs to recent movies and popular TV episodes. Check into it -- you might just be surprised.


Netflix has revolutionized that way people watch movies. With a click of your mouse, you can have DVDs delivered to your home faster than you ever believed possible. For as cheaply as $5 per month, you can have the latest movies delivered to you and never have to step foot in a video store again or pay for cable TV service.

Network websites

Have a favorite TV show? Check out the website the show airs on. Many times, they offer full-length episodes of your favorites. Even cable channels will have full episodes online so you get the benefit of cable without the expense. This is pretty close to getting free cable TV.

Redbox DVD

You've seen these -- the big red box at places like Wal-Mart, McDonalds and local grocery stores. Redbox has recent release movies that you can rent for $1 a day.


If you have a show you just have to watch as soon as possible, iTunes can come to the rescue. It will cost you $1.99, but you can download current episodes. With iTunes, you can also rent movies ranging from $4 for new titles and $3 for oldies.

Now, admittedly, these options aren't as convenient as picking up the remote and watching whatever you feel like. With these options, you have to put a little more effort and planning into what you're going to watch, but if you're looking to save some bucks by getting rid of cable TV, these options are hard to beat.


  • Eu
    eusidnac 13th of Oct, 2009

    How 'bout giving up tv all together. I raised my 4 children without cable, statalite or any other means...I figured if they really want to watch that show their friends are watching, they go over there or get their tv fix at their kids never cared, and infact, are not tv watchers now that they have grown. None of us are willing to put up with the advertisments. When I don't see tv for months and go to a friends and watch, I cannot believe the commercials they are brainwashing you folks with...and every month it seems to get worse...I see it, you'll conditioned....watching tv everyday, must be hell and addicting.

  • Su
    sunnydawn60 8th of Feb, 2010

    I would like to know about the digital box. If you get an LCD TV can you get the fantastic picture with a non cable digital box.
    Cable(Cox Communications) is raising thier rates with alarming rapidity.
    We are a 1 income family, I have arthritis and have alot of bad days, I usually do good to keep the house halfway straight.
    But we are thinking of skipping the cable experience altogether and getting the box and the multi directional antennea.
    Does anyone have any experiences with this to share with me?
    Pro or Con.

  • Ri
    RI_Dragon 7th of May, 2010

    Cox is a S.O.B.! Go ahead and tell them you want to cancel. They will tell you that you are in contract and 180. cancellation fee applys. What contract? Oh, you didnt know about you being in a contract? Well cox has been entering people into contracts w/out prior notice, even if you had no reason to call them. S.O.B.! They didnt even call people or send out letters stating they are entering you into contract or provide you the option to opt out instead of a contract.

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