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Cut Your Child's Hair to Save Money

Cut Your Child's Hair to Save Money

Need to save a few bucks? Learn to cut your child's hair

Now, I may stand accused of being a skinflint or a tightwad for suggesting you cut your child's hair, but let me ask you this: what's wrong with being a skinflint or a tightwad? After all, this site's about being cash-savvy; and in these days of the shrinking dollar, that's more important than ever.

Besides, what would you rather spend that $20 on: a haircut that'll grow out in a month, or another bag of groceries?

Making the Cut

Let's be clear on this: we're not talking about cutting hair for everyone in your family. Unless you've got a barbering certificate hidden away somewhere, your spouse and older kids probably won't let you come near them with a pair of scissors.

But little kids are another thing altogether, especially if you're just trimming bangs. With rare exceptions, they don't worry much about what's fashionable, and few of them are planning to appear in beauty pageants anytime soon.

Besides, most little kids try cutting their own hair anyway, with those safety scissors they use in art class, just to see what'll happen. (And in my case, to learn if it was true that it would knit back together if I reattached it with that yummy white paste). So why should they mind if Mommy does it?


Unless you're giving the bowl cut some serious consideration, you'll need to prepare a bit before snipping off your little darling's curly locks.

Most scissors will work fine, as long as they're sharp enough, so tools aren't a big concern; and if you really need something to keep the cut hair off their clothes, you can press a sheet into service.

The biggest issue is teaching yourself to cut hair, unless you're undaunted by the idea of ragged bangs or uneven layers. Of course, if your kiddie gets taunted enough, they may be so daunted they'll never let you trim their bangs again, so in that case, be prepared to bribe with chocolate.

A Little Research

This is one of the things the Internet is for, folks. Look up "child's haircut" online, and I assure you that you'll not only find this page, you'll get all kinds of hits for instructional articles and, even better, videos! There are plenty of great videos on YouTube, for example, that will guide you along.

Admittedly, the proof is in the pudding, and your little puddin' may not look perfect for the first few days after you cut their hair -- but they'll get over it. After all, a bad haircut is temporary, and (hopefully) it won't take long before you figure out how to cut your child's hair properly.


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