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Does Cold FX Do What It Should?

Does Cold FX Do What It Should?

Several years ago, Cold FX sprang onto the market with claims that it could do the impossible: help heal the common cold. Doubters and naysayers immediately appeared, but so did a huge amount of people claiming that Cold FX really provided cold relief. Who's telling the truth?

Cold FX ingredients

So what are the Cold FX ingredients, and how can they keep you from getting sick? The main thing you'll find in Cold FX is North American ginseng. Traditionally, people have used ginseng to improve their moods, immune systems, and memories. Cold FX contains a heavily refined version of ginseng that isolates the immune boosting properties of ginseng, eliminating the other effects.

Who says it works?

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has published a number of studies demonstrating that Cold FX does, in fact, provide cold relief. Most of the studies focus on Cold FX's ability to prevent colds, finding that individuals who regularly took Cold FX experienced fewer colds, and that their colds were shorter in length and lesser in severity.

The University of California's UC Berkeley Wellness Letter approved the methods used in these trials, praising them for their rigidity and design. Although some people continue to contest the results, there have been no clinical studies to date that found Cold FX to be anything but effective.

The bottom line

The question remains: should you buy Cold FX? The nice thing about the product is that it's natural, derived from ginseng and not some bizarre set of chemicals. Scientists generally agree that it does have value in preventing colds and reducing their duration.

On the other hand, it certainly isn't cheap, and there may be mitigating factors that prevent you from using it: an immune system disorder, for example. It's also important to note that there have been no clinical studies for children under the age of 12.

Having said that, Cold FX is an important step in the battle against the common cold. If you're tired of feeling sick and cranky a few times every winter, it may very well be in your best interests to buy Cold FX and take it regularly -- before you find yourself laid up in bed.


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