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Don't Buy Halloween Costumes Until You Read This!

Don't Buy Halloween Costumes Until You Read This!

Every year, it's the same thing. You spend too much on Halloween costumes your kids wear one time. Sure, you want your kids to have fun and have a cool costume, but does it have to cost so much? No, it doesn't. Follow these tips and tricks for some cheap trick or treating fun!

Think generic

This is one of my all-time favorite tips for saving money at Halloween. Go generic with a sweatsuit. With a few ideas and a little creativity, you can turn a discount-store sweatsuit into anything you can imagine.

What can you make from a sweatsuit? How about costumes for Batman, the devil, a hot dog, a Dalmatian, Wizard of Oz Tin man, a snowman, a cat, a puppy, a pig, a scarecrow, scary guy, a witch or the grim reaper? Check out these sweatsuit inspired kid's Halloween costumes for some inspiration.

Chances are your kids already own some sweatsuits. So, if you luck out, you might not even have to buy the sweatsuit. If so, all you have to do is put together the rest of the outfit for minimal cost and your kids are all set.

Think accessories

Instead of buying the entire costume, why not choose something that you can make out of stuff you already have? For example, be a hobo. Get old jeans, flannel shirt, put some dirt on your kids' faces (if it's not already there), and make a hobo stick with a stick and bandana.

Be a pirate. Cut an old pair of jeans jagged like pirate pants. Go shirtless if it's not too cold where you live or wear a white blouse and put on a vest. Dig through your jewelry box for costume bling and earrings to wear. All this leaves is a pirate hat and patch. Accessorize with stuff from home, leaves you with only a couple of items to buy.

You can do this for spies, ghosts, flappers, scary guys, etc.

Think creative recycling

Believe it or not, you can make some great homemade Halloween costumes from recycled materials. One idea I've always loved is a Lego. All you do is get a box big enough for your child to fit in and spray paint it a glossy primary color like one of the Legos.

Next, take the Solo© cups or bowls and match them to the paint. Attach them to the box. The box is the block part of the Lego and the cups are the pegs that stick out and connect the Lego's together.

More recycled Halloween costume ideas is this cupcake and ice cream cone made using an old laundry basket and worn out ballet items. Or how about turning your child into a recycling bin? Paint the box blue, put the recycling logo on it and glue on some recyclable bottles and boxes.

When it comes to Halloween, you have two choices. You can go to the store and spend lots of money, or you can get creative and make your own. Use these tips and ideas to inspire you to make your own. After all, the best Halloween costumes, and the ones you and your kids will remember, are those you had fun making together.


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