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Five Steps to Finding the Perfect Contacts

Five Steps to Finding the Perfect Contacts

For most people, finding the perfect contacts is a nightmare. Air Optix or Avaira lenses? Many people don’t even know the difference between disposable or reusable contact lenses.

The first thing to consider is what you are looking for with your contacts. Do you want cosmetic lenses, corrective lenses, reusable lenses or disposables? Think about exactly what you want from your product and then do a few online searches to see what suits your needs.

Secondly, think about the additives you could have with your contacts. If you do want prescription lenses, would you also want to add a cosmetic element? If you have blue eyes naturally, you could enhance the blue with a light blue overlay, which just makes your eyes look brighter, if not more enhanced. You could also change your color, the best option is if you have light eyes and want to change to a darker or more enhanced look.

Thirdly, consider if you’ll be on the move or in a stable routine. If you have a nice routine than reusable contacts are a great option for you. If you have an active lifestyle, or are on the road then disposable contacts would be better because you can toss the old ones and put in fresh eyewear each morning. For swimmers, runners or other athletes, disposables are much better.

Finally, don’t skimp on your eyewear, whether they be glasses, sunglasses, corrective surgery or contact lenses. You’ll be able to find something that suits your needs in the designer industry, where quality goes hand in hand with style.


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