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How Floor Cleaning Products Help your Business Create the Right Impression

How Floor Cleaning Products Help your Business Create the Right Impression

Ever noticed what part of a premise is the barometer of its cleanliness? It’s the floor. The floor of a place is its most obvious surface – it will always be the largest surface area visible to the eye, and it’s the only surface in the whole building that every visitor is absolutely guaranteed to touch. Which is why floor cleaning products are a lot more important than one might think is in maintaining a good public face.

Think about this: entering a building with a hard floor that isn’t polished. It’s so noticeable that it’s almost painful. A premise that has a hard floor should be gleaming; the lights from the ceilings and walls should reflect brightly in the tiles, or from the polished wood. Hard floors (unless they’re utilitarian, like warehouse or wash room floors) are, in part, designed to create a very light space by reflecting the illumination from everywhere else. Floor cleaning products like buffers, hard polishes and sealing waxes are – or should be – used to create this effect. Companies who don’t do their cleaning properly may not know it, but their dull floors are creating a negative impression on every visitor to their building.

Carpeted floors are equally important. A carpet is designed to do one of two things – be soft, which gives an air of luxury and comfort to a space; or be hard wearing, which allows a place with a lot of traffic to look smart despite the daily foot falls it has to put up with. Floor cleaning products for carpets are supposed to assist in whichever one of these two purposes the carpet has been installed for. Walking into a room that has a luxurious carpet, which is not being properly cleaned, is a painfully off-putting experience: as is walking into a room where a carpet experiences heavy traffic but light cleaning.

Floor cleaning products, in effect, are the first line of care for any premises where potential customers are going to be. It’s a simple bit of psychology, but true, that anyone visiting a premises whose floors don’t seem well maintained, is not going to leave with a good impression of the rest of the business, no matter how well it might be conducted. Using the right floor cleaning products becomes pretty much essential in gaining the confidence of one’s customers.

It’s a simple illustration of an old adage - It’s never what one does right that gets one noticed, but the things one does wrong. Putting down the wrong floor cleaning products, or just simply not using enough of them, will make one’s whole building look shabby and ill cared for. Everything else could be gleaming – but without the due care and attention that only good floor cleaning products can apply, even the best premises in the world is going to start looking unfortunate in the eyes of customers and clients.

Ultimately, there’s a truth that should hold throughout the conduct of one’s business – from the cleanliness of its floors to the balancing of its books. Pay attention to the way everything looks, at all time – and the customers will come running. Overlook something as simple as the floors and they’ll go somewhere else.


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