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How to Clean Your Audio System

How to Clean Your Audio System

Cleaning dust and grime off your audio systems is an important part of their overall maintenance. Whether you have an audio video equipment rental store, an electronic items shop or you just love your audio system, there are simple things that can keep your systems in good shape. Here are a few suggestions on how you should go about cleaning your audio equipment


Manufacturers use aluminum to make the front panel and chassis of audio systems. Compared to other metals, aluminum is more workable. Cut from sheets, the front panels are bead blasted or brushed to create the desired look. Although aluminum is popular for its pliability, it is also prone to scratches and requires careful handling. Painted surfaces should be treated carefully at all times, especially when cleaning them.

• Feather or wool dusters are good for regular cleaning. You can use high quality microfiber cloth or dry lint free cloth. They clean surfaces without causing scratches.

• Surfaces with knobs can be cleaned with a tooth brush. A good quality, soft bristled brush gets into tiny nooks and accesses heat sink fins.

• A vacuum cleaner with high quality bristles will be able to remove dust effectively without damaging the audio system’s top.

• Air compressors are used to clean those areas where you cannot reach easily.

Dirty surfaces with accumulated oil and dust can be cleaned using special solvents. These solvents are capable of removing layers of dirt without destroying the system’s surface. There are plenty of products available in the market that will help you maintain the surface of your audio system.

Wood is more uncommonly used as case material. Most wood surfaces are sealed. If your music system is hand rubbed and not sealed, then you could occasionally apply oil that is appropriate for the kind of wood on the system. When well oiled, the surface will have a good sheen.


One of the main reasons why audio equipment fails to function properly is due to blocked air vents. Whether your audio system is rented from an audio video equipment rental store or is owned, blocked air vents can affect the audio system’s functioning. Thick dust layers interfere with the transistor’s or other component’s ability to cool itself. This lack of cooling affects the life span of the internal parts/components of the audio system. You can use compressed air cans to remove all this dust and ensure optimal performance.

Keeping the audio system clean and well cared for helps you extract maximum performance out of it and also extends the lifetime of the system to a large extent. The external cleaning will ensure that dust and dirt from the outside will not move into the system and create problems later. However, it is important that even the system’s insides, which inevitably gather dust, are cleaned periodically. If you have rented the equipment from an audio video equipment rental store, you can ask their technicians on the cleaning and maintenance methods, especially if you are renting the audio system for many months.


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