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How to Deal With Poor Customer Service

How to Deal With Poor Customer Service

As consumers we expect things to go right the first time but we also anticipate things not being as they seem. When we purchase a product or a service and things do not turn out as we hoped, we have to face the customer service department. In some cases, this experience isn’t so bad but more and more consumer complaints are being filed against companies which do not put a focus on quality, reliable customer service.

It can be highly frustrating to feel like you are taking to a brick wall when it comes to contacting company representatives. It can be downright aggravating when you still don’t get the results you hoped for from a company you used to like. Here are some tips for dealing with poor customer service as well as how to move forward with more success:

Be Courteous If Expecting Courtesy

If you expect a company representative to treat you well, you must offer the same courtesy. When making a first contact, wait until you have calmed down if you are particularly riled up. Be concise in your explanation of the problem and treat the person on the other end of the conversation with respect. Even if the customer representative gets out of control, do what you can to maintain your composure. As the saying goes ‘you get more flies with honey than vinegar’.

Take Notes

If things start to go downhill fast and you don’t foresee a positive outcome, start taking detailed notes including the time of your call, the name of the person you are speaking to, and details of the representative’s responses. These notes will help you recall details at a later time if you have to pursue further action.

Go Higher

If you find things with the customer service representative is not going in a positive way, ask to speak with a supervisor immediately. If the representative is unwilling to transfer your call or becomes hostile, just hang up the phone and place another call. Since many companies have call centers, you likely will not get the same person again. Ask immediately to speak to a manager or supervisor and then detail your initial issue as well as the problem you had with the company representative in the previous phone call.

Write a Professional Letter

There are many stories of consumers who were so unhappy with a product or service they took it all the way to the top by writing a letter to the attention of the company president or owner. In many cases, the upper management had no idea how bad things were in the way of customer service and appropriate action was taken. While there is no guarantee your letter will be read, be sure it is professional-looking and details the specific situation rather than filled with foul-mouthed, choice words. The Internet will often provide you with a direct contact address for the higher-ups at a company.

Be Proactive

Don’t dismiss the importance of quality customer service when looking into a new product or service. When comparison shopping, take the time to place a phone call into the company and ask a few questions. You can use your gut instincts to judge which company would be helpful in a problematic situation and which company is poorly represented by their customer assistance staff. You want to make sure the companies where you take your business will be ready and willing to take you seriously when you need help.


  • Ac
    Acv34256 7th of Jan, 2014

    As a customer service rep I love my job and try very hard to help others as I would like to be treated. However, several things that make my job hard are when customers start off either criticizing the company I work for or start by beginning to threaten me with statements such as " I'm going to tell all my friends to never buy your product again" or "If you do not give me what I want, I will post bad things all over the internet about you", etc.... As this article states you get further the nicer you are. I do not respond well to threats. It actually makes me want to say "do your best buddy!" It also completely amazes me how many people DEMAND, and I mean demand that we provide them with a warranty on their product yet have not one shred of evidence as to a proof of purchase, we will even accept a copy of their front page of their original owners manual, or even a product Id. Most customers did not bother taking their time to even ever registering it when they purchase. I hear everyday people tell me that " who saves their receipt?" Or "Well I didn't expect anything to go wrong!" Or "why would I save it?" Best yet, " my house burned down and it was in the house that burned down. Yet I can do a google search or zillow and see that this did not happen. I get copies of fake receipts made up on the computer. Please, I get receipts every single day from every company. I know what every companies sales slips. I know what they look like. I have the SKU # for product. At least if you are going pig to lie and try and scam, do your homework and make it look real. It comes down to if you want your warranty then make a copy of your receipt, register online when you purchase something. And if you do not have documentation of your purchase don't yell, get mean and or treat us badly because you failed to do your part as a responsible customer. I am so amazed at how many people feel entitled and above everyone else. That the rules do not apply to them. If a company offers a warranty on their products there will always be some stipulations. Why do you think that you do not have to abide by them? I approve more claims then I deny. I approve claims everyday that should be denied. I want to help my customers. I want to treat someone the way I expect to be treated. And best of all, I have and will bend the rules for someone who treats me with respect and courtesy. I will put my foot down and deny anyone if they are rude and ignorant to me. It's just the way it works. hopefully this will help someone see that how they treat a CS Rep will determine how much help they get.

  • Hi
    Hitesh Kumar sahu 23rd of Aug, 2016

    l received emails saying Ms. Anishika Katiyar Resume service from job referral service. l replied tying to see what was it about. l was then asked to send round one daily . for administrative + postage and demanded fee. l was asked to pay this through add Present total costmer care no. Try when l realised this must be a fraudent attempt shine costmer care. Already my service invice no., order no. Completion adds. It's no use going there.

    Hitesh Kumar sahu

  • Cl
    Cloudmaverick 22nd of Sep, 2017

    To whom it concerns, I have found the customer service industries such as internet to a T-shirt Customer Service representatives at all levels use trained Intimidation Tactics on customers in order to retain or up-sell for a dollar or put their job in jeopardy using tactics like time to keep their customers talking for hours. The you have the wrong department after listening and saving notes then transferring to whoever, or you will receive a call back while speaking or messaging specifically to wear a person down. When a customer has been transferred around then ask to talk with a supervisor or manager we customers have to repeat the issue to each person believing in hope. Suggestions, as go up to the store knowingly causes more time, gas, and the hassle.
    If you reach an upper level supervisor they will not accept evidence of proof when their customers complaint is truly correct. I feel forced to bow down or sadly have to give up and allow the Company the victory because they will never give you a honest alternative of any kind.
    The Company is forcing customers to become overwhelmed, disappointed, and defeated to achieve the results from tactics. These affect customers finances hurting lives.. Who would not become angry or feel disrespected..contract or no contract? Customer Service refuses to take time and refer their customers to the correct department from accounting to perhaps the legal department when a customer offers actual documentation leaving us without any advantage.
    Then the favorite insults and dis honesty is when what you see on your on-line account differs from the account the representative is telling you. This error occurs between a companies records and your on-line account when you disclose what customers are looking at so much so the employees go into depth to correct your online account. Customers always go back on-line after disclosing the opposing information when you are right. I once found in the archives of my long time account proof of a grandfather clause the company erased. I retained the proof.
    I feel forced to file a complaint with government agencies after being refused heard or not...because when no actual decision to resolve customers issues people are robbed of their dignity, freedom of speech and such rights to be heard as a human being. I know how to recognize tactics very well. I am proud to say my immediate family puts me in the middle of 3 generations whom have served in the military and pledged to protect our Country from these sorts of behavior for one. All the un-recognized soldiers who would give their life to protect our borders and our human rights seem to disappear after serving. My Father served in the Military flying in the air while enemies shot at our aircraft during WW2. I am a crew chief, and my Late son Steven served in Desert Storm. I may not be highly educated or a business professional at writing letters however, I live everyday of my many years as a female who pledged to our countries oath. Companies that have become consolidated and controlling too money hungry and fail to act and recognize Individuals without predudism and pre-judgement.

  • Cl
    Cloudmaverick 22nd of Sep, 2017

    Will American individuals from all walks of life listen and live with a code of ethics?

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