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How to Find and Use a

How to Find and Use a

One of the best ways to boost your earnings with is to use a promo code when selling your items.  These promo codes are used to increase the amount paid by for your items by adding an additional percentage to the amount that is quoted for payment for the items.  Only accurate and verifiable promo codes can be used to increase your earnings with the website.

A promo code can be difficult to find if you are not sure where to look for them.  These promo codes are not widely distributed and are intended for use by the regular users of the company, but some individuals post these promo codes on websites that focus on electronic coupons or promo codes for other websites for any consumer to use.  You must be careful when using promo codes from these sources because these codes may be expired or inaccurately reported, meaning that they cannot be used.

The percentage added to the amount quoted for payment by the promo code will vary based on the code used.  Some promo codes add a 5% bonus to the total amount paid to the seller while others add more, up to 10% of the total price quoted for payment.  The actual amount of the bonus will depend on the amount of merchandise being sold to at the time, with large orders earning a higher total bonus than smaller orders.

After the items that the person intends to sell have been located in the website’s database and the condition of each item has been reported, a field will pop up on the website form that will ask the seller to enter a promo code if they have one.  The code must be entered into this field correctly or the code will be rejected by the website and the person will not earn their bonus.  The total amount of the order, the sale amount plus the bonus amount, will be paid to the seller within 2 weeks of their acceptance of the payment amount.


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