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How to Get Cheap Satellite TV on Your PC

How to Get Cheap Satellite TV on Your PC

In today’s economic climate, most households are cutting back wherever they can. That includes finding cheap satellite TV service. These services cost so much it’s almost like having another mortgage, many people are making their television services the first part of their household budgets to get the axe. But what if there was another way to enjoy television and eliminate that big monthly bill. Some companies claim you can, by downloading a piece of software for your computer.

So many people are fed up with paying outrageous bills to watch TV, but are they ready to switch and start watching cheap satellite TV on their computer? Before you do, there is something you need to know: Not all satellite services are created equal. In fact, in the past most television for PC services were downright terrible, with poor picture quality, outdated software, lousy customer service and limited access to a lot of popular channels. Most satellite for PC providers just weren’t worth making the switch. Today’s high speed internet connections have eliminated all that; you never have to worry about bandwidth signals or poor picture or sound quality. It’s like having the best of subscription television without having to pay the monthly bill.

If you are serious about looking into this cheap form of satellite TV for your PC, you should check out some media publications first. Most of these magazines or web sites will have reviews for you to read. Watching television from your home computer or laptop for the most part will eliminate subscriptions or monthly fees. Most offer unlimited access to over 3,500 channels, including premium movie channels and all of the best sports stations. Many offer dozens of hard to find international channels as well.


  • Ja
    James1701 7th of Feb, 2010

    Funny that you would say that followed by a dish network advertisement. I am not sure if this is your fail, the website's fail or Dish Network's Fail. Fail is still fail.

  • Vo
    Voodoo 13th of Feb, 2010

    James1701, the point here is to be informative regarding TV viewing alternatives. The only fail here is your lack of insight and immature opinion.

  • Bo
    Bobjq2 27th of Mar, 2010

    This is a bit mistaken...

    old "satellite tv for PC" has been BRILLIANT for ages... full quality streams... able to be handled by generic software.

    Any DVB-S will do these days, so long as the driver is decent you can choose a few different packages, or run it with "media centre" software.

    "satellite for pc" providers - who are these? I could get an ABSAT card and put it in my PC card reader and watch it - what hardware I use was and had nothing to do with the subscription provider.

    In the UK this new "freesat" service is labelling something that shouldn't be labelled - FTA (Free To Air) has been around for ages now, we don't need a special Freesat box - only for the new 7 day EPG (programme guide) everything else has Now/Next by default. With additional plugins PC software can use the data from the Freesat EPG anyway - even my non freesat branded box (which allows plug-ins, extensions etc - or it just gets the EPG from the internet using the likes of XMLTV).

    Sky isn't the only satellite provider - and calling a satellite dish a "sky dish" is completely wrong... normally a satellite provider just provides a card (and maybe a cam) to unscramble it's signal... thus you could choose any satellite box capable of using cards (almost all).

    Sky force you into using their boxes, thus you cannot choose (easily) your own box (HD? Dual Tuner? Recording?) and touting their own. This also caused problems with unscrambling the "Sky" channels (Sky One etc) on a computer as most cards don't include card readers, but any generic USB card reader will suffice (card reader - not the same as the memory card readers).

    In an ideal world (ie. Mainland Europe) you would buy any box you want... and buy any card you want (or even a selection, some boxes allow multiple cards). Even multiple satellites can be used for greater range.

    Any DVB-S2 (S2 is used for HD TV these days) box will be able to pick up BBC HD... BBC channels (and some others, talking standard definition here) are broadcast in DVD resolution 720x576 whereas Sky choose to have a lower less quality resolution of around 80% - they want to squeeze as many channels into one transponder so they can get more money from you - It surprises me that people care about HD when they cannot even tell that Sky quality is much lower (including Sky Movie channels).

    Break the bonds of Sky - it's a proprietary piece of RUBBISH. Foreign stations broadcast English movies with multiple languages that you can switch to... they usually leave the original English stream in... at much better quality.

    (btw I got confused and thought this was more of a UK based site - but most of the stuff I say still applies to quality satellite services available around the globe).

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