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Is It Worth It to Get Divorced?

Is It Worth It to Get Divorced?The financial concerns of many marriages are often the building blocks to a divorce. More couples argue over money matters than almost any other issue. It can get out of control and often both parties are left jaded and bitter, with no hope of full reconciliation. But as desperate as people become to get out of a bad marriage, many couples literally can not afford to divorce.

There are many financial factors involved in divorce. First and foremost, there is the legal aspect of the situation. Legal fees, time off from work for court, and other fees associated with the legalities of divorce can be seemingly insurmountable depending on the individual situation. Couples who are not exactly willing to work out their differences in a suitable manner may be in for a long and expensive fight. Many people can not afford the fight and continue to live in a loveless marriage, which can be very physically and emotionally draining.

Secondly, the expenses of establishing two separate households can keep many couples together, especially when children are involved. Buying or renting a new house, moving expenses, setting up utilities can all be costly adventures many couples can not afford to take on. Couples who have a lot of debts can not always find a way to pay all the bills and still be able to survive on their own. It can seem overwhelming to think of changing every aspect of your daily life so many will choose to not make that change, despite the difficulties they face living together.

Third, the act of finding affordable insurance for your whole family is hard to do, even through an employer but if you have to go about it on your own, it can be very expensive and a daunting experience.

There are so many considerations to make when it comes to the issue of divorces that many people would rather suffer in silence than make a break. But you do have other options that do not involve the traditional motions of divorce.

Here is an overview of what else you can do legally to bypass the expensive legal fees of divorce:
  • File for a legal separation and split property, assets and debts without going through an actual divorce.
  • Choose to take custody and financial support issues on your own to family court. You can deal with family court without having a lawyer present and it will help to resolve the serious family issues that are at stake.
  • If you are reading this and haven't yet married, work out a prenuptial agreement that outlines all your financial information, including debts, should the future hold  a divorce.


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