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Is Your Carpet in Dire Need of a Good Scrubbing? Try a Home Carpet Cleaning Machine

Is Your Carpet in Dire Need of a Good Scrubbing? Try a Home Carpet Cleaning Machine

If your carpet is constantly dirty, a home carpet cleaning machine could be a life saver for you. For those people who only get an occasional stain, a professional cleaning once every few years is fine. But for those of you with a house full of kids and pets, your best bet is a carpet cleaner you own. Here's how to choose the best one.

When it comes to carpet cleaners, there are three main types: rental machines, vacuum- sized cleaners, and scrubbing machines. Each of these types has its purpose and depending on your needs one will be the answer to carpet cleaning problems.


Rentals are more cost-effective due to the fact that you can rent them by the day as you need them. At $20 per day, if you use them two to three times per year, you can have clean carpet for just a little bit of money.

These cleaners work by spraying a cleaning solution and water on your carpet. Then you use the machine to remove the solution and water with the dirt. Different rental models work differently so you can't be sure that the brand your store carries is effective. Talk to friends and family members who have rented carpet cleaners to get their recommendations.

Overall, rental carpet cleaners can be a good deal due to the low cost. The downside is that it is inconvenient to make a trip to the store every time you need to clean your carpet. If you have frequent stains or accidents, this probably won't work for you.

Vacuum-sized cleaners

These machines can be purchased so you always have them on hand for spills and stains. While this is convenient, you have to be sure you have storage space for an item that you may use only occasionally. Different brands give you different cleaning results and all models require that you use the cleaner that is designed specifically for that brand.

Scrubbing machines

You've seen these in commercials - the small carpet cleaning machines you place directly on the stain and turn it on. Their convenience comes from the fact that it isn't a bulky machine you have to push around. This convenience comes with a cost however, mainly that you can only use it on one stain at a time as opposed to cleaning an entire room.

Once you have decided to rent or purchase, your next decision is which brand. Check all the major brands for effectiveness and ratings before you make any purchases. Together with choosing the right type of home carpet cleaning machine and a good rating, you can keep your carpet looking great year round.


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