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Is Your Cell Phone Service Lacking... 'Service'?

Is Your Cell Phone Service Lacking... 'Service'?

Cell phone service is notoriously irritating. Just when you really, really need your phone, there's no signal. If you're fed up with patchy service and high bills, you have a lot of company. Learn who is satisfied with their provider and why.

Great cell phone service... A myth?

Just who can you believe anyway? You're watching TV. One commercial says they have the very best service; the next commercial, another service provider says they have the best service, hands down. So who's telling the truth?

According to Consumer Reports, cell phone services are one of the lowest rated services they evaluate. Not so good, huh? The survey got the opinions of 50,000 cell phone users and only 54% were completely or very satisfied with their cell phone service plan.

The number one complaint of cell phone users is price. The second highest complaint involved data services. Data services involve texting and surfing the web via cell phone and only 24% of users said they received excellent service that wasn't slow.

Surprisingly, the cell phone users who where happiest with their phone service, were the small percentage who use a prepaid service. This service isn't as popular as contract service, but most prepaid users were happy with the service they received.

So who got the top ratings for the best cell phone service for contracts? Verizon. They received top ratings in voice, messaging, and web/e-mail service. They also scored highest in customer support for phone, website, staff knowledge, and resolved issues. Top ratings for prepaid cell phone service? Tracfone.

Now you know. Use this information, consider your contract and make a decision based on your needs. This way, you'll best sure to get the best cell phone service to fit your needs.


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