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Job Seeking in an Unsettled Economy

Job Seeking in an Unsettled EconomyInterview after interview, perfectly capable job candidates are being told they'll get a phone call when business improves.  Is it possible to land a job during a tight economic period where money troubles are common?  It's true that the job market outlook is dimming, but the lights are on somewhere - it's not completely blacked out.  One thing is for sure, though.  If you head into each of your job interviews thinking they won't hire you because of the economy (or any other reason), you're not likely to get the job.  The biggest help for your job seeking is in your head - if you think you can land the job, you increase your chances.

Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right,” and that famous quote couldn't be more true for job seekers in an unsettled economy.

Here are the key steps to succeeding during a tough job hunting time:

  • Leave no stone unturned.  Call everyone in your address book, every friend, relative and acquaintance you've ever had and tell them you're looking for a job.  People may not respond to you the first time you call, so call them again in 30 days… and in 60 days… and so on.
  • Talk to people.  Sending a resume is great, but making a phone call is better.  Unless the ad specifically says “no phone calls please”; call the company and introduce yourself before sending your resume.  If there is no advertisement for a job, feel free to call a company you would like to work for and ask if they have any open positions.
  • Make the job search your job.  Establish a routine and be consistent.  Look for a job every day. Treat it like you would if it was your dream job and you were getting paid big bucks to do it well.
  • Stop qualifying yourself - out of a job.  When you have an interview or are talking with someone you've just met, be careful that you aren't qualifying yourself out of the job.  Don't go on about how hard it is to get a job because of the current economy, or why you may not be suited for such and such position.  Talk to everyone who listens and keep going until you have a job offer you like.

Stop looking for job openings, and start looking for opportunities:

Most of the best inventions have been created out of need, right?  Opportunities are born during times of crisis and unsolved problems.  So, as the economy dips further and we see people losing jobs left and right - think about the executives and leaders in the high rise office buildings.  They are people with unsolved money trouble, needs, and a vision for the future.  How can you help them fulfill their visions?  Offer solutions to make a business owner's vision reality.


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    Kit 20th of Jan, 2013

    It'd be helpful if this website dated it articles.
    I'm pretty sure this one is from 2008.

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