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Learn the #1 Secret of Super Shoppers

Learn the #1 Secret of Super Shoppers

Everybody knows one. You know the people I'm talking about -- super shoppers! If you know one of these amazing people, you often stand back and just shake your head, wondering how on earth they always find such fantastic deals.

#1 secret of super shoppers

The number one secret of super shoppers? Cycles. That's it. Everything that goes on sale goes through cycles, whether it's food, clothing, or miscellaneous merchandise. Shoppers that always find the sale know this and take advantage of it. Savvy shoppers don't buy coats in the Fall when they are at their highest. No, no, no. They buy coats in January when coats are on sale and buy for next Winter.

You see, super shoppers have learned a trick. They don't buy what they need right when they need it. They plan ahead and 'stockpile' when the items are on sale. When lawnmowers go on sale at the beginning of the summer, if they're in the market, they wait until the end of summer, buy, and save it until next year.

The same applies for food. Don't buy food when you have a 50-cent coupon thinking you're racking up the savings. Learn the cycles of food sales, and combine your coupons with the sales. Stockpile the food that is on sale.

With this in mind, here are the cycles of sales for merchandise:

January sales

-- Christmas decorations - up to 90% off
-- Linens
-- Bikes
-- Outdoor gear
-- Furniture
-- Winter coats - up to 75% off
-- CDs and DVDs
-- Cookware
-- Swimwear
-- Toys

February sales

-- Winter clothes
-- Valentine candy -- after Valentine's Day
-- Houses and Condos
-- Humidifiers
-- Small Consumer Electronics -- MP3s, digital cameras, etc.
-- Treadmills

March sales

-- Video games -- what didn't sell at Christmas
-- China -- new patterns are about to be released
-- Computers
-- Winter sports gear

April sales

-- Electronics -- Japan's fiscal year ends in March

May sales

-- Towels
-- Athletic apparel
-- Cordless phones
-- Small appliances -- Mother's Day

June sales

-- Tools -- Father's Day
-- Computers
-- Swimwear

July sales

-- School supplies
-- Computers
-- Furniture -- getting ready for Fall inventory
-- Swimwear

August sales

-- Pool toys
-- Sandals
-- Patio furniture
-- Air conditioners
-- Camping equipment
-- Dehumidifiers

September sales

-- Summer clothes
-- Inflatable pools
-- Gas grills
-- Shrubs, trees, perennials

October sales

-- Lawn mowers

November sales

-- Baby products
-- Toys
-- Halloween items

December sales

-- Christmas items -- after Christmas Day
-- Wedding dresses
-- Cars

Become a super shopper

See, it's really not that hard. Learn this list of keep it handy. When you need something, check the list to see when it's most likely to be on sale. Buy it then, when it's at its lowest price. You too can become a super shopper.


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