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LED Christmas Lights: What's the Fuss?

LED Christmas Lights: What's the Fuss?

As a savvy consumer, you hear about the latest trends, and that means LED Christmas lights. Or at least, anytime after Thanksgiving the talk of the town will be about these Christmas lights. Although LED lights have been around for years, only in the recent past they've become a huge deal. So what's the difference between traditional outdoor lights and outdoor LED Christmas lights? And are they really worth the fuss?

The benefits

LED Christmas lights are extraordinarily efficient. They literally use only 10% of the power that traditional lights suck down. This is good news if you're an environmentalist and GREAT news if massive electricity bills generate from your traditional Christmas lights.

LED Christmas tree lights are not actually new (for great background information on these lights and their benefits, check out this article. But as people become more environmentally and financially aware - and as LED lights improve in quality - they're experiencing a surge in popularity.

The critics

There actually isn't much of a downside to LED Christmas lights. Some people don't like the way they look. This is more of a concern when you're talking LED Christmas tree lights than with outdoor LED Christmas lights. When outside the difference isn't quite as noticeable.

Also, the quality is not the only thing that's improved about LEDs over the last few years. They now come in a huge variety of shapes, styles, and colors, leaving almost nothing they creative consumer can't find. Your creativity will soar just as easily with inexpensive, environmentally efficient LEDs as with traditional incadescents.

Some people also complain about price. But while it's true that LED lights tend to be a little more expensive than their incandescent counterparts, take into account the long term savings - not only on your electricity bill, but in terms of replacements. LEDs last fifty times longer than traditional light.

So what's the verdict? When it comes to LED Christmas lights, you're dealing with a surefire winner.


  • Pi
    pissmeoff 20th of Aug, 2010

    I find them too bright and the older ones don't use much electricty. So using only 10% of the others is not much. What is 10% of a dime, a penny you saved nine cents. The cost is whats gets you and they are just a fad till everyone has them then I'll be the cool one with the old ones.

  • Pr
    praveen kumar jha 16th of Aug, 2013

    yar meri sellry kab melagi

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