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Lightning Strikes on the Rise – How to Protect Yourself

Lightning Strikes on the Rise – How to Protect Yourself

It’s been a interesting summer season for weather. It seems the number of thunderstorms for last year and this year Lightningwere higher than normal and with those thunderstorms, it seems lightning has been striking more often. Lightening has been making more direct hits on homes too, meaning that homeowners have been suffering higher losses in the form of electrical surges that have been wiping out home computers, other electronics, and appliances. Worse case scenarios also include house fires that were started by a bolt of lightening in which the homeowner lost everything. Last year, homeowners’ claimed an average near $5,000 in losses.

The only way to protect yourself from a lightning loss is to be proactive. Here are some tips you can implement to ensure your home and belongings are protected should lightning strike:

Check with your insurance company to be certain you are covered and what exactly is covered. Coverage for damage caused by lightning strikes such as fire is typically covered by standard homeowner’s insurance policies but are you covered if  a lightning storm caused a power surge that damaged your home, appliances, and other personal property that will need to be replaced? Ask your insurance agent for specifics about lightning damages.

You should check to see if all of your utilities are bonded to the same grounding point. All utilities should enter your home within ten feet of your electrical service entrance ground wire. If you are not an electrician, it may be worth the time and money spent to ensure your wiring is complete and correct for the utmost measure of safety.

You can invest in a surge protector for your entire home. This surge protector will protect your television, telephone, electricity and other lines connected to your home. A electrician or your electric company may be able to answer your questions about what kind of surge protector is right for your home. They run, depending on type, from $100-$300. Don’t forget to consider the cost of installation when hiring a professional.

Storms will come and go for eternity so the investment you make now into protecting your home from lightning damage will not be a waste. Lightning is dangerous and can cause a lot of damage in a limited period of time. Make sure you are doing all you can to protect your home and family before a storm wipes out your savings and your property. Many homeowners do not consider this danger until after something bad happens.


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