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Make Your Complaint Heard

Make Your Complaint Heard

At some point in time you will be faced with the need to register a complaint because of a poor product or poor service, or maybe even both !

Here are some tips to make sure that your complaint is NOT ignored.

Keep Your Cool

It’s difficult to do this when you are “mad as all get out” but it’s a key step to making sure you’re complaint gets heard. Act reasonably and politely.

Make the person on the other end of your complaint WANT to help you. Losing your temper can cause the other person to become “defensive” instead of cooperative and helpful.

Identify Yourself

Don’t start out with “what” you are - “I’m a lawyer”, “I’m a doctor”, “I’m a trash collector”. Start out with “who” you are - “My name is Jim”. You want them to see you as a person, not just another problem.

Give them your name and telephone number. This allows the other person to respond more effectively and follow-up with results. Remaining anonymous doesn’t establish the one-on-one relationship you need in order to have your problem resolved.

Be Precise

Have receipts and other records available to assist you in giving an accurate account of your complaint. Give them as many details as you can - the date you made the purchase, the store where you made the purchase orencountered the problem, the name of the salesperson you were working with, etc.

Keep a record of the date, time and name of any person you speak with about your complaint. If they are unable to resolve your complaint immediately, ask when you can reasonably expect a follow-up phone call.

Thank You

End your conversation by thanking them for their help. If you have the person’s name you are speaking with, address them by name, “thank you Angela”.

When the problem is resolved to your satisfaction, you may even want to write a simple thank you note. People who work in customer service appreciate this more than you might know.

Use these steps “to your credit” the next time you have a complaint, and you’ll have greater success and results.

By James H. Dimmitt


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    Cassie Parr  [send email] 28th of Jun, 2007

    There is this co-worker that was let go because our company was cutting back on expenses and she was the least productive of the workers. She has since gone to a computer and she has been lying to our customers and may have even stole one or two from us. We are a small honest company and tried to keep her on as long as we could even using what savings we could to keep the company going. This person came to us out of jail for drugs steeling and prostitution and the only way she could get out when she did was to have a job lined up. My company hired her even at that time when things were tight and we couldn't afford her. We did this for her because she once worked for the company before she went to jail. Could she be sued for slander and lying and steeling accounts?

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    Manish Koshal  [send email] 1st of Jul, 2007

    I have elderly parents at home and their comfort being the foremost in mind, I had to make a decision of buying a washing machine and unfortunately purchased a White Westinghouse washing machine from a dealer at Yusuf Sarai operating under the brand of DK. As the model was a recent launch at that time, I confirmed about the performance and he convinced me that I shall face no trouble at all.

    Now it is around 20 months and the washing machine has been operational for not more than 25 days in the same time. Time and again I keep registering complaints and 90 % of the time to deaf years and for 10% of the time I am heard, some one visits and puts it on somehow and it gives way within a few hours.

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    John Anderssen  [send email] 23rd of Aug, 2007

    There is a company by the name of*Dr Auctionmonster that has been taking a regular subscription out of my bankcard Account every month for four months and I don't know why because they have never sent me any product and even if they did I don't know if I would want it because I don't know what they represent. I have challenged the outgoing through the bank card people and some of the accounts have been resolved but I would like to stop these payments> If there is anyway to stop these payments please advise to above Email Thanking you John Anderssen.

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    Irfan Mehdi A  [send email] 20th of Sep, 2007

    Iam unable to call customer care executive...

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    Anita Chong  [send email] 25th of Sep, 2007

    Stay away from WORLD EDUCATION SERVICES. they are the worst agency in the world. they made my application so hard to process. they kept asking me for documents they know i couldn't get. and they made the whole process an absolute nightmare. if you want to lose you money and get really really really frustrated go through them. they should be ashamed what they did. they absolutely suck.

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    Peter Wood  [send email] 3rd of Oct, 2007

    I to am a victim of the Regcure comapny. If anyone knows how to get the promised refund from them, PLEASE let me know. There must be some accountablity here. Thanks.

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    Ima Sue Honaker  [send email] 10th of Oct, 2007

    Went to site to eneter code # would NOT allow me to pull up the enter page--WHAT A CROCK TACOBELL & their CONTEST IS!!!!!!!!

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    Shekhar Kumar  [send email] 23rd of Oct, 2007

    I took a prepaid connection from Airtel. 6 days have passed and till now they have not activated the no given to me. I'm calling customer care services and they are telling that may be my documents have not been submitted.

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    Moturi Venkata Ramana  [send email] 27th of Oct, 2007


    The managing director

    Videocon international limited

    Mittal Court 17th Floor

    C-wing,nariman point


    Respected sir,

    Sub: Very bad service from Videocon- Televison

    I had purchased Videocon Colour Television with serial number 103906 in the year 2002 from Aparna TV& Furniture Show Room, Market Road, Ravulapalem, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India,Pin: 533 238. In March, 2007 we faced a problem with its display (it shows only black and white and no colour) may be becasue of some technical problem. Then I lodged a complaint at the TV showroom from where I purchased my TV and to where the company service engineer visit every friday. But he has not taken any care of it. After I repeatedly asked for it, finally in the month of August (After nearly six months) the service engineer (from Videocon company) attend this complaint and said that some small part costing around Rs. 800/- is need to be changed and immeadiately I paid the money and asked him to replace it as early as possible. He has taken money but he has not taken any care of it (not replaced the required part) till the last week.
    When I phoned him regarding this, I surprised with his irresponsible answer. Then I said that I will complain this to the higher authorities then immeadiately he answered that, go a head and complain. Again I shocked with his answer and decided to bring this issue to the kind notice of the higher authorities. I tried to contact the area dealer but in vain.
    After I fight for it with the Propritor of the TV showroom, the service engineer revisited and replaced some part day before yesterday. But the condition of the TV remains same. It was not repaired properly. I dont know when will he come and repair it. During the Festival Season (Dussera) our family members very much disappointed with the not working television. Hope you can understand how bad it is.

    This is my very bad experience with services from videocon company. Many of electronics (home appliances) in my home are of Videocon Company. Now I am very much vexed with the services of the Videocon Television.
    I hope that the higher authorities atleast can act properly on it and can see my television get repaired very soon.
    with hope
    yours sincerely

    M. Venkata Ramana

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    Sree Deenu  [send email] 3rd of Nov, 2007

    Dear Sir,

    As i am getting continous wrong call from the below mentioned number, i kindly request you to furnish the contact details as listed below.
    3.Place:- Elachipalayam,Thiruchengode t.k, Namakkal d.t.
    4.Phone number:- +91-999467009.

    thanks for your immediate intervention.
    Hope to receive the response soon.

    with best regards.

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