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Metal Beads: A Good Choice for Jewelry Making

Metal Beads: A Good Choice for Jewelry Making

Fashion jewelry with metal beads is increasingly popular with people now, especially for young people. Making handmade beaded jewelry is a great hobby, and the metal beads will be a good choice for jewelry making.

As to metal beads, they come in different materials and from oriental cloisonné beads to stainless steel beads, alloy pedants to coins. If you would like a more put-together professional-looking jewelry piece, metal beads would be the way to go. You can choose metal beads to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings uniquely. They will give your handmade jewelry pieces a more polished look and will last longer than some other beads.

Metal beads come in a lot of different shapes, colors and sizes. The most common shapes include round, square, rectangle, leaf, bones, flowers, animals etc. In regard of the sizes and colors, any imaginable one can be produced.

Oriental cloisonné beads, one of the most famous metal beads in China, have high quality, specialized technology and mysterious legend from archaic China. They only can be owned by imperial household for their amazing beauty and rarity in archaic China. They also symbolize riches and honour. So why not make some metal beads jewelry pieces for yourself and your friends?

When making jewelry pieces with metal beads, you can use them to accent or make an entire piece consisting of only metal beads which can show your strong appearance. You also can use metal beads mix and match with other material beads, such as glass beads, stone beads, acrylic beads, European beads, wooden & nut beads, Tibetan style beads and so on, to make any imaginable jewelry pieces.

Creating unique personality by making jewelry pieces in person is not a difficult thing. It is easy to buy oriental cloisonné beads and other metal beads from online shops. Just search “china beads” as keywords, you will find some trustworthy and reputable china beads wholesalers just like PandaHall—one of the leaders of jewelry beads wholesalers in China, will appear. She can not only offer you the high quality beads and one-stop shopping, but also can offer cheap shipping to every part of the world.


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