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Mineral Make Up - What's All the Fuss About?

Mineral Make Up - What's All the Fuss About?

Mineral make-up has become extremely popular in recent years. You have likely heard of some of the brands available through infomercials or recommendations from friends. As more and more women discover the benefits of using mineral based products rather than the chemical based alternatives, this trend is very likely to continue. My own skin tends to dryness and redness and I find traditional foundations and powders irritate my skin and increase the problem. Mineral make-up has been my salvation!

Mineral makeup is manufactured by sterilizing and pulverizing minerals into a very fine powder which is then mixed with a variety of natural colorings for different applications. The resulting products do not clog pores as other forms of foundation and powders can. They allow the skin to breathe. This makes mineral makeup an ideal alternative for anyone with sensitive or breakout prone skin.

Women who struggle with rosacea, dryness, acne and sun damage have had great results switching to mineral products that give them the look they want without exacerbating the underlying skin problem. The minerals in mineral makeup provide a natural sun protection without the use of chemicals that many women find irritating to the skin.

Since the main ingredients in mineral makeup are inorganic, unlike most makeup, bacteria cannot live in the makeup and infect or reinfect difficult skin. This also means that mineral makeup products have a long shelf life without the inclusion of any artificial preservatives.

Best of all, the effects are beautiful! Mineral powders lie so lightly on the skin that most women report they feel as though they are wearing no makeup at all. The light reflecting quality of the minerals is particularly flattering to mature skin and gives anyone a natural glowing “air brushed” effect.

The benefits of mineral makeup are clear and account for its increasing popularity. It does not aggravate sensitive skin, it provides natural sun protection, it feels and looks great! I feel so much better using products that still give me the look I want without damaging my skin. In fact, they give the protection and gentle care my skin needs to naturally heal itself. It’s great to have found all the make-up products I need in a form that is actually beneficial to my skin rather than just trying to cover it up.


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