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More Simple Sunburn Treatment

More Simple Sunburn Treatment

As long as there's a blazing ball of nuclear fusion hanging in the daytime sky, we'll need sunburn treatment options to heal those who decide to expose their tender skin to it. Fortunately, those treatments don't have to be especially high-tech or expensive; some, in fact, are surprisingly simple.

We all know about aloe vera. But recently, I wrote about a couple of unexpected sunburn treatment options available in most kitchens: milk and vinegar. Well, it turns out that those are just two of a number of easy at-home options. Let's look at a few more.
Pharmaceutical Recommendations

One way to help knock out the pain of a sunburn is to do what you'd do with a headache: take aspirin or acetaminophen. Aspirin is especially useful because it also helps with inflammation, especially when taken within 24 hours of the sunburn.

You can also speed your healing by taking a vitamin cocktail for a few days after suffering the burn. Swallow 400-600 mg of Vitamin E, 1000-1200 mg of Vitamin C, and 10-15 mg of beta carotene daily. This will help your damaged skin rebuild itself.

A Slice of This, a Squirt of That

For small sunburns, you can slice several different types of veggies and apply them directly to the affected area. Chilled sliced cucumbers can help soak up the redness and pain, for example, though some people prefer potato or onion slices.

Lemon juice diluted in water and applied with a soft cloth can also help; ditto for diluted lavender or calendula oil. And some folks like to slather yogurt on their sunburn; this makes sense, since milk works well, too.

Speaking of slices, be sure to eat plenty of lean cuts of meat and raw fruits. You'll need all the protein, vitamins, and minerals they provide to help you heal. Also, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated!

Take a Bath

You can also ease away the pain in a medicated bath. Since you're unlikely to be taking showers anyway until the sunburn heals, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity.

A baking soda or oatmeal bath is a popular option; just dissolve a pound of one or the other in a tub of cool water and slide in. We don't recommend that you use both at once, because you never know what could happen. Other folks prefer bergamot oil in their bathwater.

Endless Ingenuity...

People have tried everything they could think of to treat sunburn over the years, so it's not surprising that there are plenty of available (if slightly odd) home remedies. How about you? If you have a simple home sunburn treatment we haven't written about already, let us know!


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    BernardMays 12th of Jan, 2017

    Skin burning due to sun is very irritating part, that one can experience as the patches are observed on the skin. If you are affected by sunburn, one can go with the natural remedies or else you could look here for more skin products which will help to prevent from sunburn and make the skin flawless.

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