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In Praise of Wood ChipsIn Praise of Wood Chips
Wood chips are among the most versatile and inexpensive materials you can use around the yard and garden.
Cheap Household Cleansers You Might TryCheap Household Cleansers You Might Try
You don't have to pay through the nose for expensive chemical cleansers, when you can get cheap household cleansers at the dollar store.
More Simple Sunburn TreatmentMore Simple Sunburn Treatment
As long as there's a blazing ball of nuclear fusion hanging in the daytime sky, we'll need sunburn treatment options to heal those who decide to expose their tender skin to it.
Avoid the Tolls When Buying a Used CarAvoid the Tolls When Buying a Used Car
As with any large purchase, buying a new car can be a strenuous task. Buying a used car can make the process seem women driving careven more difficult.
Cut Your Child's Hair to Save MoneyCut Your Child's Hair to Save Money
Now, I may stand accused of being a skinflint or a tightwad for suggesting you cut your child's hair, but let me ask you this: what's wrong with being a skinflint or a tightwad?
Avoid Expensive Add-Ons to Rental CarsAvoid Expensive Add-Ons to Rental Cars
Paying for a rental car is just the start. A child safety seat costs extra. So does satellite radio, emergency roadside assistance, even the privilege of using E-ZPass to pay tolls.
Wrap It Up in Aluminum FoilWrap It Up in Aluminum Foil
Most people don't think twice about using plastic bags, waxed paper, and plastic wrap to store food. But in the end, aluminum foil is cheaper.
Why You Should Buy a Tankless Hot Water SystemWhy You Should Buy a Tankless Hot Water System
If you're sick of running out of hot water in the middle of your shower, it's time you installed a tankless hot water system?
Cheap, Organic Roach RepellentsCheap, Organic Roach Repellents
While we hesitate to offer up these organic roach repellents, since no one wants to admit they might have a bug problem, we've gotta be realistic here.
Stop Wasting Your Money on Bottled WaterStop Wasting Your Money on Bottled Water
Bottled water is an expensive fad. Think about it: it's not unusual to have to pay a dollar or more for a pint of the trendy brands, and even the cheapest cost a dollar or more per gallon in the grocery store.
The Advantages of Planting a WindbreakThe Advantages of Planting a Windbreak
If you've ever visited the country, then you've seen windbreaks. That's what those closely-spaced rows of trees along fence rows are.
Low Energy LED Lights Really Do Save You MoneyLow Energy LED Lights Really Do Save You Money
Low energy LED lights are expensive, but the price is coming down rapidly and they use a pittance of electricity.
The Best Bag for Your OutfitThe Best Bag for Your Outfit
Choosing which handbag suits your outfit best can be a tricky decision. From cross body bags to leather handbags the options are never ending and it can be hard to work out exactly what will compliment your clothes best whilst still remaining practical.
Pick Out the Perfect Security CameraPick Out the Perfect Security Camera
Every surveillance system is different, and it is vital that you learn to pick out a security camera based on what's going to fit your specific needs.
Why Are Aluminum Carrying Cases so Popular?Why Are Aluminum Carrying Cases so Popular?
You would have to be living on another planet if you haven't noticed that aluminum carrying cases of all kinds are all the rage these days. Why is it?

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