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Consumer Tips, Tricks & Articles | Page 29

Tips to Avoid Debit Cards Gotchas

Oct 18, 2006
Tips to Avoid Debit Cards GotchasConsumers are using debit cards at the check-out counter more than ever before. Next year, debit-card transactions, which deduct funds directly from a checking account, are expected to pull ahead of credit-card sales in market share.

Don't let identity thieves ruin your trip

Oct 9, 2006
Don't let identity thieves ruin your tripA day in paradise can turn into a financial disaster if your identity is stolen on vacation or on a business trip. Here are the top tips for reducing the chances it'll happen to you.

Be mindful of children who love to climb

Sep 25, 2006
Be mindful of children who love to climbIf you ever spend any time with a small child, you quickly learn they love to climb. While a jungle gym or other outdoor playground equipment is the proper place for such activities, small children will climb on just about anything. Thus, the next two notices from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) should be of interest to all who live with or care for young children.

Hidden airline fees that leave golfers teed off

Sep 22, 2006
Hidden airline fees that leave golfers teed offGOLFERS, surfers, skiers and the long-legged have been moaning about it for years: the hidden extra charges on many so-called cheap flights make those bargain air tickets not such a giveaway. The Evening Standard can today reveal the dizzying array of hidden charges that airlines are using to bolster their income.

Five Tip-Offs to Mechanic Rip-Offs

Sep 20, 2006
Five Tip-Offs to Mechanic Rip-OffsGetting the right repairs at a fair price depends partly on communicating with your mechanic.Do your homework and be wary of what the mechanic may say. Sometimes a little embellishment can have you digging deep into your pockets.

8 mistakes that expose you to online fraud

Sep 11, 2006
8 mistakes that expose you to online fraudSeemingly harmless Internet habits make a scammer's job easy. Here's how to protect your credit cards, your bank account and your identity.

Discount Hunters

Sep 8, 2006
Discount HuntersCeCe Sweet finished much of her Christmas shopping when she bought six $25 gift certificates for different local eateries at for $5 each with a coupon code. She checked out separately for each certificate, landing a $10 eBags certificate for each of the six gifts she purchased.

What Asian Americans Should Know About Insurance Fraud

Sep 8, 2006
What Asian Americans Should Know About Insurance FraudInsurance fraud is any deliberate deception against or by an insurance company or agent for the purpose of illegal or unwarranted financial gain. It can occur during the buying, using, selling and/or underwriting of insurance. Insurance fraud includes the sale of insurance by unlicensed agents and companies; people who pretend to slip and fall so that they can sue a property owner; organized criminal gangs who stage fake car accidents; homeowners who exaggerate damage claims, drivers who lie about their driving records or residence to get better auto insurance rates, and doctors who inflate their bills or charge insurance companies for treatments they never performed.

Guide to Filing a Complaint Letter

Sep 8, 2006
Guide to Filing a Complaint LetterIf you've ever had to deal with a large corporation, government agency, or other service provider, chances are likely that you've encountered a problem. If you've complained about the problem and found yourself brushed off or ignored, you may feel that it's time to write a complaint letter.

Pricing a used car - compare Edmunds, KBB, CarsDirect

Sep 5, 2006
Pricing a used car -  compare Edmunds, KBB, CarsDirectYou want to buy or sell at the best price, and the Web is key to your research. But you' ll see far different guidance at each of the top sites.

The world’s best-kept retirement secret

Sep 5, 2006
The world’s best-kept retirement secretThe war is long over, but the bad rap remains. Today's Nicaragua is an inexpensive paradise eager to welcome expatriates. Nicaragua is virtually unknown to most people and usually misunderstood, which is why forward-thinking investors can find some of the best real-estate deals on Earth in this country.

How to Write a Complaint Letter That Gets the Result You Want

Sep 4, 2006
How to Write a Complaint Letter That Gets the Result You WantHave you been double-charged on your credit card? Did the poor service at that restaurant ruin your special evening? Were the flowers you ordered delivered to the wrong address? Then it’s time you write a complaint letter that gets the situation resolved to your satisfaction.

Make Your Complaint Heard

Sep 4, 2006
Make Your Complaint HeardAt some point in time you will be faced with the need to register a complaint because of a poor product or poor service, or maybe even both ! Here are some tips to make sure that your complaint is NOT ignored.

8 exotic but cheap vacations

Aug 28, 2006
8 exotic but cheap vacationsFrom Peru to Malaysia, there are still fascinating places a couple can travel in style -- even lavishly -- on $100 or less a day. MSN columnist Liz Pulliam Weston reports. The weak dollar has made travel abroad increasingly painful for most U.S. travelers, who tend to herd to a small number of European destinations: typically the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany.

Don't be Victimized by Health Insurance Fraud

Aug 25, 2006
Don't be Victimized by Health Insurance FraudIt's unfortunate but true: health insurance fraud is prevalent in our society and it's not always possible to protect yourself from becoming a victim. In fact, most people won't even know they've fallen prey to health insurance fraud until they submit a claim for a medical service that they think is covered under their policy. It's often not until after a claim is denied that most people realize they've been a victim of health insurance fraud.