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Percolator Brush is an Element to Good Coffee?

Percolator Brush is an Element to Good Coffee?

The percolator brush gives a good perk to your coffee. Why do I say this? Well, it is simple, really. There are a number of elements affecting the taste of coffee, including the water temperature, the grinds used, and the water used in making coffee.

One other significant element that affects the outcome of your java is the cleanliness of your brewer. Without doubt, if there are stains or residue left in your java making machine, the outcome may be bitter coffee.

All coffee percolators, whether it’s the stove top or the electric percolator, have a small central tube that runs through the top and bottom chambers of it.

When brewing with a percolator, the hot water passes through this center tube from the bottom chamber up to the top chamber where it spills out over the coffee grounds.

It then drips back into the water reservoir at the bottom chamber only to be drawn back up the center tube to seep through the wet grounds again.

How does the percolator brush make your cuppa taste better, you ask? Well since this brewer is usually used on a daily basis, it is likely that with time there will be residue left.

With percolators, the central tube is where stains and residues hide since this is where the water and coffee passes through during the brewing process.

Failure to clean the central tube will result in bitter, horrible tasting java. Moreover, it may ruin the tube if left unclean for a period of time.

This brush is a small and simple device used in keeping the central tube of your percolator coffee pot clean.

The central tube is the most difficult part to clean, and sometimes this is even overlooked by the user. It is vital that this central tube is always clean in order to give good tasting, fresh coffee.

Investing in a percolator brush is necessary to do this. It is an inexpensive investment and is designed specifically to clean the central tube.

Since it is a very thin brush, usually with stiff nylon bristles that work great for cleaning bacteria and residue left in the tube, you can count on it to get the job done.

To clean the central tube, simply remove it from the coffee percolator and scrub with the brush until it is free from any residue.


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