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Planning a Wedding? Here's How to Cut Costs

Planning a Wedding? Here's How to Cut Costs

If you are planning a wedding, you may be experiencing what many brides and parents of the bride are experiencing - sticker shock! Avoid blowing your budget and get some money saving ideas, read these tips.

If you are planning a wedding, you may be experiencing what many brides and parents of the bride are experiencing - sticker shock! Avoid blowing your budget and get some money saving ideas, read these tips.

Tip 1 - Get married in 'off season'

The most popular time of the year is May through October. Getting married during these months will be the most expensive because photographers, reception halls, limos, florists are busiest. Choose a date in less busy months when wedding suppliers desire for work - they will be willing to charge less just to get your business.

Tip 2 - Save cake costs

The wedding cake is the centerpiece of the wedding. The problem is, after drinking, dancing and eating, most guests do not eat dessert. This leaves a lot of wasted cake at a high price.

To avoid this, ask your cake designer to make the bottom two layers faux bottoms. The guests never know. You have a beautiful cake for pictures. And save money and serve plenty of cake for the guests.

Tip 3 - Go green

Gone are the days of ornately decorated churches and wedding halls. Most guests expect simpler wedding decorations and receptions that are more elaborate. After all, this is where you guests will spend most of their time.

Choose greenery and fewer flowers for a more modern look and save big.

Avoid major holidays when choosing a date and save more money on your wedding. Flower prices are at an all-time high during Mother's Day so avoid when possible.

Tip 4 - Wedding gown tricks

When choosing a wedding gown, choose simpler styles and less expensive fabric. Your guests don't know one grade of satin from the next and they'll think you are beautiful regardless. Unless you go down the aisle with the price tag still on your wedding gown, no one will ever know the difference.

If you really want to go simple, look at bridesmaid dresses and choose one in white. Cut the price of your gown by 50% and still have a beautiful dress.

Tip 5 - Invitation ideas

There are several options when it comes to the wedding invitations. First, gone are the days of liners and separate enclosure cards. No one expects this anymore and thinks you're being eco-friendly by saving trees!

If you really want to cut costs, forego the engraved invitations. There are multitudes of beautiful wedding invitation kits and with home printers; you can easily print the invitations yourself. They will look just as good as the high-priced invitations.

You don't have to go into debt for your wedding and take years to pay off. Instead, follow these tips, save money, and still have the wedding of your dreams.


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