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Protect Your Kids! Find the Best Bike Helmet

Protect Your Kids! Find the Best Bike HelmetWith 6.2 million children treated in emergency rooms every year for bike-related injuries, it's easy to see why it's important to find the best bike helmet for your child. Almost half of the children under the age of 14 seen in emergency rooms after a bike incident were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. To prevent this from happening to your child, be sure you find the best bike helmet and fit it properly.
How to find the best bike helmet

Helmets are rated based on these 4 criteria. All of these are important and carefully consider each one before purchasing a helmet for your child.

1. Impact absorption

This refers to how well the helmet protects your child's head if it hits the pavement, a rock, or a curb. The top performing helmet in this category tends to be the Bell Amigo.

2. Retention system

This tells you how easy the straps are to adjust, how well they fit, and how well they stay on. If your child's bike helmet won't stay on, it won't do any good. The majority of all bike helmets on the market score excellent in this category.

3. Ventilation

If your children get too hot wearing their helmets, chances are, they won't want to wear it. Prevent this by choosing a helmet that has proper ventilation. Bell Trigger and Schwinn Thrasher helmets score excellent in this category.

4. Ease of use and weight

These are two more things to consider when choosing the best bike helmet. If the helmet is difficult to get on or is too heavy, your child will fuss about wearing it. Avoid both of these problems by choosing something simple and lightweight.

Before you buy your child the "cutest" bike helmet that has their favorite character on it, review these features and use them as your guide for choosing the best bike helmet for your child.


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