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Shopping Tips, How to Make it Safer This Holiday Season

Shopping Tips, How to Make it Safer This Holiday Season

It’s the number one priority in our list during this holiday season, to be safe at all times. Even at this very moment, be alert in your surroundings most especially if your carrying a large amount of money. Robbers, pick-pockets, you name it, they are also in alert and they are at places even in crowded areas like shopping centers. Here are some tips to make your holiday season a little safer.

It’s the season of celebration most that most of us are receiving our bonuses during this season. Always keep your eyes open and be vigilant when shopping, there are always criminals waiting for their preys. As much as possible have your friends come with you, your chances to be victimized is much lesser.

Don’t carry a lot of cash, as much as possible don’t carry any just use your credit cards for buying, just don’t forget to set aside the budget for paying the bills later. If carrying cash is unavoidable don’t place it in just one place, you can keep some at your wallet, pockets and even your bag.

Always bring a flashlight even a small one, keep it in your bag or in your key chain. This will greatly help most especially if you’re walking on a dark alley or a street. Bring a stun gun or if it doesn’t fit your budget you can buy a pepper spray or tear gas, so you can have a weapon to protect yourself if needed.

If you’re shopping in a swap meat or any night market and it’s going to be late, you can ask a security personnel to escort you to go to your car. Though giving a tip is not mandatory giving some won’t be a bad idea.

Hope every one of us will have a happy holiday season this Christmas. Always prioritize your safety above all else, preparation is your best way to avoid it.


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