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Smile - The Secret of Customer Service Excellence

Smile - The Secret of Customer Service Excellence

Customer service excellence should ordinarily be a way of unconscious or involuntary daily living – like breathing in and breathing out – because there is a winning gift for a customer in everybody. What is this precious little gift that also secures the Longevity of your business? The answer is a simple, natural disarming weapon called a smile.

Every so often, one gets irritated by the sight of a frowning front office staff who believes he / she is just doing a favor by attending to you or by replying your courtesy greeting. Even if the service is delivered knowledgeably and timely, the initial facial expression matters the most as it can indeed make or mar the company’s bottom line. A loss can impact the company’s earnings because excellent customer service delivery in the true sense is a business delivered Friendly, Knowledgeably and Timely, that is, a 3-in-1 success recipe. If any part of this recipe is missing, particularly the Friendly part, the business or even the man in the street begins to suffer declining fortunes or declining friendship. How is a service delivered friendly?

A smile is the best, free gift anybody can receive any day. Just imagine when you are smiled at, you feel happy, excited and on top of the world no matter the burden weighing your heart down! Another good thing about a true smile is that it stimulates an inductive effect on the recipient causing him or her to pass the smile baton on and on. It may appear far – fetched, but we truly can make the world a better place with only one disarming, little smile. To achieve service excellence, every customer service job needs a smile and not some obscure and unresponsive customer service quotes.

There is no normal human being out there that does not want to be appreciated, not least your customer. All front office staff of business outlets such as banks, supermarkets, eateries, hotels etc must continuously train all their customer service staff to smile naturally to welcome their customers. A smile complements a good service, and together, combine to ensure customer retention, customer loyalty and more profits! Persons in customer service job positions must understand that it is the customer (who is often so poorly treated and neglected) that pays the salary. Without the customer therefore, there will be no profits, no salaries and ultimately no jobs! It costs nothing to smile – God does not charge us a dime! Hence it is a wonder why many front office staff and customer service job holders fail to smile, or at best, wear a plastic smile (which does not deceive the customer). With a smile, the business is ready to Serve and Succeed, make more Money, more Investments which leads to Lasting Entrepreneurship.

To the corporate world and to achieve customer service excellence, S,M,I,L,E is all about Service (and Success), Money, Investments, Longevity and Entrepreneurship. As mentioned in the summary, smile should ordinarily be a way of living since we are all customers of one another. Therefore, S,M,I,L,E (SMILE) as a personal motto and memento for each and every individual should mean Smiles Makes Individuals Lucky Every day.

The most famous painting in the world is the Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. Why has it continued to remain relevant and priceless to mankind for over the past 400 years? The answer to this question has been universally attributed to the infectious, intriguing and benign little smile of the lady in the portrait. Let us pledge today to deliver customer service excellence in our various Customer Service Jobs and in our individual lives with a smile and see how lives will be transformed and businesses will last forever like the Monalisa and her renowned smile.


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