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Take the Pain Out of Weigh-Ins -- Choose the Right Bathroom Scale

Take the Pain Out of Weigh-Ins -- Choose the Right Bathroom Scale

Let's face it. Stepping on the bathroom scales can be a scary thing. It's just not something most people look forward to. But, if you're watching your weight, a daily weigh-in is a necessity. And if you must weigh daily, accuracy is very important. So when it comes to bathroom scales which ones are the best and which ones can you trust? Let's find out.

Types of Bathroom Scales

Once upon a time, buying a bathroom scale was pretty simple. Most likely, you went to your local home store and bought whatever model they happen to have. Not so anymore.

Today you have a wide range to choose from. You have digital scales, traditional dial scales and even scales that remember your last five weigh-ins. Or how about scales that measure your body fat and the weight of every family member?

As you can see, buying a scale can get pretty tricky and with price ranging from $18 to several hundred dollars, you want to be sure you get the scale that's right for you. Let's look at the pros and cons of the two most common types of scales first.


This scale is the type you are used to - the basic mechanical bathroom scale that has a dial and is spring-operated. This scale has several good points. First, you don't have to worry about replacing a battery - there isn't one. Second, they last a long time.

Digital Bathroom Scales

When it came to testing, digital bathroom scales were the clear winner with six scales receiving 'excellent' ratings for accuracy. The digital scales tested also had lifetime warranties - a big plus. A drawback of going digital is the battery, but manufactures have all but taken care of this problem with lithium batteries that turn off when not in use.

Price for digital scales and dial scales were in the same range and didn't affect their level of accuracy. Both digital and dial weighed up to 300 pounds.

Beyond the basic digital and dial scales, you can find just about anything you want in a bathroom scale. As mentioned, there are scales with memory and scales that track the weight of several people. There are also scales that measure body fat.

If you're interested in scales that have all the bells and whistles, by all means, check into getting one. What you'll probably find, however, is these scales don't tend to be accurate and are complicated to use. For keeping your weigh-ins simple and as pain free as possible, stick with a digital bathroom scale for accuracy and convenience.


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