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The Best Bag for Your Outfit

The Best Bag for Your Outfit

Choosing which handbag suits your outfit best can be a tricky decision. From cross body bags to leather handbags the options are never ending and it can be hard to work out exactly what will compliment your clothes best whilst still remaining practical.

Most people will have several options when it comes to handbags, but more often than not stick to one core bag that holds every item they have ever bought. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to bags, but changing yours could make your outfit look completely different.

One of the first things to look at is the colour of your outfit. Making sure your top and your bag don’t clash is the first step in creating that perfect look. Leather handbags are great for this as they usually match everything and you won’t have to worry about any embarrassing colour clashes.

The neckline of your outfit can also help you when deciding which handbag to use. Cross body bags can ruin the line of a strapless dress but will look great with a t-shirt and jeans combination. Look at what you are wearing and how your bag will lie to get the best idea of what will work.

Trying several different bags on with your outfit will give you an idea of what works best and which items compliment each other. It is also important to remember what you might need for the occasion and therefore pick an appropriately sized bag. There is nothing worse than trying to cram items into a tiny bag half way through the day and realising you have no more room.

The right handbag can complete an outfit and spending a little time making sure yours works well can make all the difference. So why not start trying out your options today?


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