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The Brazilian Blowout - The Quick Way to Straight Hair

The Brazilian Blowout - The Quick Way to Straight Hair

Curly hair doesn’t want to be straight. If you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, you’ve probably tried everything to straighten it at one point or another. Straight haired women have the luxury of the perm to make their hair have bounce and curl when they want it. There are straightening oils and irons, but their effectiveness is dubious at best. But there may now be a solution for those women who want nice straight hair. It is called the Brazilian Blowout and it is taking the country by storm. It gets rid of frizz caused by chemically damaged hair and works out the curls for those born with them.

Though there are a few products and shampoos on the store shelves promising to deliver the effects of a Brazilian Blowout, the only real way to achieve the permanence of the procedure is to go to a salon. Before going, you’ll want to wash your hair very well. Wash it up to three times, because you want to make sure you get rid of any shaft residue that could be clinging to the follicles. This is where the oils of the procedure need to take hold, so give them a place to latch on. They will probably wash your hair again when you go to the salon, but you might as well do all you can to prepare yourself.

Make sure you choose a salon that is specifically advertising the Brazilian Blowout. There are plenty of hairdressers who will tell you they can do the same thing with another method. You’ll just walk away frustrated after having spent your hard-earned money. You may also run into those who discourage you from getting the procedure done because of formaldehyde fears. This is a legitimate concern. If you are planning to have the procedure done, ask the salon if they use formaldehyde in their process. If so, go somewhere else. There is no need to damage your health for the possibility of achieving straight hair.

After you’ve had it done, the salon should provide you with some products that will allow you to keep up your straight hair for the next few months. Listen to their advice and follow the directions on the products you’ve been given. Doing this will give you the maximum amount of longevity for your new straight hair. The effects, if maintained, should last for at least three months. At that time, you’ll need to repeat the process if you want to extend the look.


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