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The Real Truth About Your Cosmetics

The Real Truth About Your Cosmetics

If you're the average woman, you think it's fun to buy new cosmetics. You go into nicely decorated department stores, lavishly decorated boutiques or even the nice display in your local discount store. The makeup displays are always pretty and inviting. While the setting may be lovely, some of the things in your cosmetic products are not so lovely. Learn exactly what's in your makeup and some possible alternatives.
Weird makeup ingredients

The list of weird makeup ingredients is actually too long to include in this article -- some of them too weird to even mention! But, here are a few to clue you in and give you some ideas about your face cosmetics and body creams.

1. Cow Dung

Why thank you, Japan. They discovered a way to get cow dung to smell like sweet vanilla. The sweet-smelling cow dung isn't on the market just yet but expect it to hit the shelves sometime in 2010. They plan to use it for cosmetics, soaps and shampoos.

The positive spin on this idea is it's cheap, less than half the price of real vanilla, and eco-friendly. Consider it recycling?

2. Ambergris

I heard of this ingredient for years, but silly me...I didn't know what it meant. How about -- whale vomit. Yep. Used as a fixative for perfumes and in some creams, this flammable, waxy substance is hard to find so it is also expensive at $10 per gram.

3. Caviar

We all know that raw fish eggs are considered a delicacy and are expensive, but who knew it could be used in anti-aging products. The claims are that it stimulates skin regeneration.

4. Placenta

Yes, placenta is high in protein so it makes sense that it's good for hair and skin. But who really wants this in their beauty products especially considering no one has proven it's better than any other source of protein? The washed and processed placenta is cleaned and processed before approval by the FDA.
Natural ingredients you won't mind using

If the thought of using cosmetics with these ingredients turns your stomach, you may want to think about making your own natural products. Check the Internet for sites that give you cosmetic recipes and ingredients to make foundation, lip-gloss, moisturizers and any other cosmetic you can think of.

You can go all out and make all your cosmetics or just supplement with a few healthy and 'normal' ingredients like the ones listed below.

• Avocados - high in fats and vitamins A, D, and E - helps the skin retain moisture and reduces wrinkles

• Tea bags - reduce swelling under your eyes

• Oil -- Olive oil, sesame seed oil, and sunflower seed oil moisturizes, protects, and rejuvenates your skin

• Beer -- helps thicken your hair

• Limes -- lime oil reduces the appearance of dark spots, smoothes and tones skin

• Mint -- the juice soothes itchy or infected skin. Helps heal mosquito bites, wasp, and bee stings

The choice is up to you. You can still love your cosmetic counters in your nice, clean department store and have fun shopping there. Or, you may choose to go the more natural route and begin making your very own cosmetics.


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