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Tips And Tricks For Prepaid Cellular Phone Plans

Tips And Tricks For Prepaid Cellular Phone Plans

Shop and compare before you make your prepaid mobile phone selection. A couple of new mobile phone providers do exist with pre-payment for international calling, unlimited calling and data transfer.

They are offering truly international as well as complete cellular packages for pretty much all family needs. Ensuring you have the right prepaid cell phone calling plan to meet your demands will help you as well as you travel on business or with your family worldwide.

Pay as you go cell phone plans give the user, whether they are a business traveler or a family with teenagers, a better, more cost effective way to use mobile phone services. Many people simply do not want to make a commitment to the phone companies, fearing contracts of any kind. Other people may be feeling a little bit "fiscally challenged" and may not be sure if they can come through on their end of the contract.

It is important to make an informed decision and you should take time to compare all available options and to analyze your prior calling patterns and usage, if you have any, before you go ahead. Information can easily be obtained from the various company websites, detailing the requirements and features of various plans.

The types of services and the amount of features or functions do vary a lot amount wireless network providers. It is best to do your research and pick a prepaid cell phone service that has all the features wrapped into a pay-as-you-go package.

Prepaid cellular plans generally come with a longer list of "restrictions", rather than "freedoms". The vast majority of cell phone service providers restrict the number of call minutes and the amount of data you may transfer for prepaid customers.

Most of the advanced features are for contract users only. This is changing as new no contract cellular providers are emerging. This may extend to text messaging options, for example. This type of cell phone plan generally attracts usage rates that are set at a higher premium, as compared to contracted services.

In some plans, the carrier will require you to keep a minimum account balance or your account may be de-activated, but the good news is that almost all services offer easily accessible records allowing you to make real-time inquiries about your usage and available balance.

Month to month or pay as you go cell phone plans are designed to save the consumer money. Unfortunately, the existing cellular phone service providers often make things complex and overly troublesome for consumers. The good news is the emergence of new mobile phone services that are pay as you go, offer unlimited calling and data transfer, and no roaming fees for international calls to over 40 countries.

This type of service opens up a whole new era of stable pricing and a boat load of features for no additional charge. They conduct no credit checks and require no contracts and make sure that it is easy to replenish the funds in your account through a variety of different means.

Whether you are paying for phone services by preset collar increments or getting a cellular services that bill a month in advance, you can now find international calling and unlimited minutes for mobile to mobile call services. Again, the cost per minute charge is fairly high, so you will need to take this into account.

Paying for a cell phone that locks you into a 3 year commitment without much of the more useful features like unlimited calling or data transfer and no roaming international calls is just not a smart thing to do. Long term contracts are more expensive than looking for a prepaid mobile phone plan with all of the bells and whistles.

As a rule of thumb, you should research your options and figure out if a no long term mobile phone contract is the way to go. Just figure this out before signing any type of service agreement.

Doing some homework and figuring out exactly what you and/or your family needs from a prepaid mobile phone plan is your first priority. You will need a list of all requirements then figure out the negatives and positives for each prepaid cell plan that is available.


  • Br
    Braindead2 28th of Sep, 2009

    For me, I've been using Net-10 prepaid 10 cents a minute, for around 2 years now. $20 for 200 minutes, etc. I don't talk or call that much, so it works alright for me.

  • La
    larmer 28th of Oct, 2009

    I have been using TracPhone for about 3 years with the double minute option for life. I buy minutes 400(800) at a time and they some time have specials on top of that. It works out to be about 8 cents per minute. 800 minutes will usually last me 6 months. So for me it is the best deal.

  • Ny
    NYLisa 16th of Nov, 2009

    I agree, I also have Track Phone since Im not a big talker, that is unless I happen to get a for now Im doing ok with the month to month. I really am not a big talker, I like face to face much better. When I was married my ex and I used to have cell phones and I remember the bill was always at least $200, usually much more, and that is outrageous, but he was a big talker and texter, again, it wasn't me, but he paid it so I didn't really complain. lol I just had to put in my 2 cents, I must be VERY bored cause Im spending too much time in here reading

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