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Tips And Tricks To Improve The Performance of Your Lap Top Battery

Tips And Tricks To Improve The Performance of Your Lap Top Battery

The working of a laptop mainly depends on a charger. Life of a laptop battery is affected by many factors. Some of them are given below and we are also telling you the tips that will surely help you a lot.

In every laptop there is an energy saving mode, you should have to take full advantage. By this you can increase or decrease the power. Two power schemes are available on your windows.

One is Laptop power scheme that reduces the use of power and increases the life of the battery. The other one is Maximum power battery scheme that also reduces the power use but the disadvantage of this scheme is, as your processing demands changes it does not adjust by itself.

Maximum battery should only be used in the case of reading documents and if you want to take notes to the meeting. Even according to specific needs, we can customize the power scheme. It is up to us that how many custom power schemes we want to create.

Running very heavy program on your laptop would surely be a harmful thing for its battery. Watching movies daily will put heavy weight on your laptops battery and will decrease its life. But if you have a spare battery then it's OKAY.

The monitor of your system is the biggest consumer of the battery. But I have a solution. First of all find the brightness control and turn it down, it will surely add life to the battery.

People used to think that lap top battery only works less than a year. That's not true but it doesn't mean that it has a long life. You will be impressed by its performance in first year but it's a machine, wear and tear is always a matter of thinking.

Now I am going to discuss, types of a battery

Nickel cadmium Lithium-ion Battery:

Now a days you will mostly find laptops with Lithium ion battery. This cycle provides you with 300-500 charge/discharge cycles. This battery is not friendly with overcharging. If we will try to overcharge it, it sucks. Life of this battery is very badly affected by high temperature. This battery works well for a time period of 2-3 years. After that it will not completely fail but will work rather slow. Charging and discharging habits of a user will not cause as much damage to the battery as caused by exposure to elevated temperature.

Nickel-based Battery:

In this type of battery, before fully charging, it's better to completely discharge it. If it is partially discharged before recharging then the resulting capacity of the battery would be decreased.

Lithium battery has more voltage capacity than Nickel based battery. If your laptop has passed a time of 3 years, it is better to use Nickel based battery.

I hope the above information will surely help you in selecting the right kind of battery for your laptop. Enjoy computing, have a nice time.


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