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Tips for Buying the Right Jogging Shoes

Tips for Buying the Right Jogging Shoes

Buying the wrong jogging shoes can be costly -- to your wallet and to the health of your feet. The right pair of running shoes will maximize your running and prevent injuries. Don't make the mistakes most people do. Instead, follow these tips for the perfect shoes for your feet and wallet.

Buy Shoes Made for Running

This seems like a no-brainer. Surprisingly, most people think the shoe doesn't really make that much difference. Runners need shoes made specifically for running. A tennis shoe, a track shoe, or work-out shoe won't do.

When you run, you are putting an extreme amount of pressure and impact on your feet. Only shoes designed for running can handle it. Wearing shoes not made for running can cause permanent damage to your feet and joints.

Ask Questions

Try to find a salesperson who is a jogger. A person who jogs regularly can give you extra tips and advice about the right jogging shoe for you.

Ask the salesperson plenty of questions. If he or she can't answer your questions, go to another store. This is the only way you can be sure you are buying the right shoe.

Ask about durability. Each shoe strikes the pavement around 900 times during every 15 minutes you run. Durability is important. You can look this information up online before you go to the shoe store. Also, ask about traction and how it performs on wet surfaces and other weather conditions.

Know Your Feet

There are three types of feet -- flat, normal, and high-arched. If you don't know what type of foot you have, do the 'wet test'. Wet your feet, step on a dry surface and look at the shape you made.

If you see a 'c' shape, your feet are normal. If you see the imprint of your entire foot, you have flat feet. A 'c' shape connected with only a tiny sliver means you have high arches.

Runners with flat feet need shoes with greater control. Those with high arches need extra support.

Possibly the most important tip you need to follow when buying a new pair of jogging shoes is to take your time. Don't fall for clever advertising and buy the latest shoe on the market. Take time to research shoes online, ask other runners, and shop wisely. By doing these things and following these tips, you can save money and your feet.


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