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Tips for Shopping for a Universal Remote

Tips for Shopping for a Universal Remote

All in one remote controls have come a long way. From the hard-to-manage buttons of regular remotes, today's generation ranges from non-touch screen to touch screen remote controls. And with the endless list of LCD universal remote control that vary in design, features and style, finding the best one may come as a daunting task. To help you with your search for the ideal all in one remote control, below are the must have features for your LCD universal remote control that you may want to consider.

Consider the LCD screen of the all in one remote:

Since the screen is where the controls are, it's best that you choose a unit with a large screen so you can easily read the controls and the information being displayed. Unlike the regular or standard type of remotes, you would constantly need to look at the LCD screen to ensure that you are pressing the right controls.

Color or Black and White?

Consider the color that the all in one remote displays. While there are still remotes that feature black-and-white LCD screens, it is always better that you choose a remote that comes with a colored screen. A color LCD remote looks cool and is more pleasing to the eyes.

All in One Remote Control Capacity:

Check the capacity of the remote. You're probably choosing the universal remote control because you want to reduce remote clutter on your table. If this is the case, you might as well choose universal remotes that can control all the devices that are available. While there are universal remotes that you can use both for your audio and video equipment, there are also those that can control up to 18 more devices.


Choose a all in one remote unit that can be programmed with macros. Most universal remotes, if not all, allow you to set your own commands, and program them in just one button or control. This nifty feature is sure to provide you convenience and ease in use.

Backlight of the remote:

Ensure that the backlight is bright enough for you to read the information on the screen when it's dark. There are some all in one remote units that don't illuminate the screen well, making it hard for the users to see what's on the screen. Make sure your unit is equipped with a bright backlight.

Power source of the all in one remote:

You may also want to consider the power source of the remote. It is better that you choose a unit that uses rechargeable than disposable batteries. This way, you're saving yourself from the cost that comes with constantly changing and buying new sets of batteries.

Ease of Use:

Since the all in one remote controls are a bit more complicated compared to the regular ones, make sure that the kit is packed with an easy to read and understand manual. Programming your remote will be easier if you have a manual that clearly describes the step-by-step process of doing it. Make sure that the kit also comes with the list of universal remote control codes as these are essential during the set up.

With a feature-packed all in one remote control, you'll surely get the most enjoyment out of your home entertainment system. Consider these must-have features for your LCD universal remote control and you're sure to have not just fun, but have a convenient and stylish home theatre system as well.


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