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Tire Safety - How To Avoid Becoming a Statisic

Tire Safety - How To Avoid Becoming a Statisic

Not following basic tire safety practices is responsible for 600 deaths and 33,000 injuries every year according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Would you like to know the #1 safety practice that is ignored and responsible for these statistics? Keep reading.

Believe it or not, underinflated tires is the cause of the shocking statistics listed above. Hard to believe, but it's true. By ensuring proper air amounts in your tires you not only stay safe, but you increase the fuel efficiency in your vehicle. Here are 5 tire safety tips to keep you safe.

1. Check your tires on a regular basis

Look for bulges in the sidewall or tread, cracks, and cuts.

2. Pay attention to uneven tread wear

Uneven wear on your tires means your tires are out of alignment or your suspension system may need adjustments.

3. Check the tread depth

For good handling and traction, the tread on your tires cannot be worn too low. To check for the proper depth, use a quarter. When you insert a quarter into the tread of your tires, it should come to Washington's head -- less means your tread is too worn.

4. Check your air pressure monthly

To do this properly, you should check the pressure when your tires are cold (before you drive anywhere). To know how much pressure should be in each tire, check the label on the door jamb, or in your glove compartment. It will tell you the proper level or pressure for the tires for your model of vehicle.

5. Notice vibration

If you feel vibration as you are driving your car, it could mean that you have a wheel out of alignment, or it could be signs of internal tire damage.

Keep a list of these tire safety tips handy so you can remember to follow them. By ensuring your tires are properly inflated and in good condition, you can keep yourself or one of your loved ones from becoming a statistic on America's highways.


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