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Top Tips for Customising your Sneakers

Top Tips for Customising your Sneakers

When altering your kicks, sneaker skins and stickers can really give them a fresh unique look as out there, there are lots of designs that are not only funky but totally unique and can really make you stand out as an individual. The best place to look is on the internet as there are a lot of sites which offer fresh ideas for sneaker stickers and skins. There is also a lot of unique print and instructions on how to actually do it yourself although there are also professionals who will do it for you. There are tips and advice on colour coordination as well as which designs look good with which trainers.

People of all ages are reinventing their old trainers and its becoming the “in” thing to do. You can not only buy readymade designs but you can design them yourself if you are a little bit of an artist, if not you can design them with the help of a professional. Make sure you have thought out the design and it is really personal to you as sometimes it can be expensive and if you’re going to be wearing them you want them to be perfect after all.

What you will need first of all is some plain sneakers of which you don’t mind customising, they can be any colour but usually black or white are the best colours to work with and if they have an detailing on them keep it to a minimum as the design or skin needs to be able to go on easily. It really doesn’t make a difference if they are old or not just as long as they are in fairly good condition and not coming to bits. When you send them make sure they are clean and follow the company’s guidelines as you don’t want them to be sent back for being unsuitable.

The good thing about custom kicks is that a high majority of the time, you won’t see anybody wearing the same design as you. This works out ideally if you want to give them as a gift to somebody who you believe has their own individual style. You can also try out having somebody’s name on them, or a personal message or even a picture of them. You could even customise the picture on photo editing software to fit the colour scheme of the whole design. This really is a unique well thought out gesture.

A lot of artists and designers will work for custom sneaker companies as it’s a cool new way of them being able to show off their art and make some money from it. If you aren’t exactly Banksy then I would recommend going to a specialist company to design your new trainers or even buy some skins and sheets of sneaker stickers ready designed and place them on yourself. There are many designs online to choose from so there is always a design perfect to suit you or whoever you are buying the sneakers for.


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